Etiquette Training Resources and Articles

Business Etiquette Training Articles and Handouts

In this section, we have included articles related to etiquette and workplace behavior.  Some we have written ourselves, and others come from government sources or the public domain. 

We add to this list of resources every few months and encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference.

You are welcome to link these resources from your website.  However, please do not download and post copies of our training resources on your website or on document sharing sites without written permission from us.

All Business Training Works' articles (links to the left) are available for reprint in your traditional (paper) publications unless otherwise specified.

Please include the following notice at the bottom of each article you use: "Article courtesy of Business Training Works.  For training, coaching, and keynotes, visit"

For information related to onsite business etiquette training programs, visit our etiquette training courses directory.