Service providers are the voice and often the face of their organizations. The words they choose have an impact.

The following phrases are 12 of our favorites at Business Training Works. They either set a positive tone, indicate a willingness to help, or show appreciation.

Incorporating them into routine interactions can mean the difference between service success and a service fail. (Of course, you also have to sound sincere and follow through, but that’s a discussion for a longer post.)

  1. Good morning./Good afternoon.
  2. How may I help you?
  3. Let me be sure that I understand.
  4. May I ask you a few questions?
  5. It would be my pleasure.
  6. What I can do is….
  7. I am sorry that happened.
  8. Let me find out for you.
  9. Let me find someone who can answer that for you.
  10. Thank you.
  11. You’re welcome.
  12. Please come see us again./Please call again.

Unfortunately, what is out of sight is often out of mind.  Don’t let this happen to you or your team. Print this page, and keep it close to workstations. Listen to phone calls. Do you hear these words? Talk about the calls or in-person interactions that go wrong. What happened? What could have been done differently? Service is a process, not an event. The more you treat it as such, the more successful you will be.