When used correctly, music can help PowerPoint designers connect their content with viewers.

During our presentation skills training and PowerPoint design courses we often recommend places to look for music you can use without violating copyright laws.

Below are some of our favorite free music resources. Some of the artists accept donations. If your project is commercial and earns money, let your conscience be your guide.

Favorite PowerPoint Background Music Resources

Josh Woodward is talented and generous. He posts his music for use in your projects.
Jason Shaw follows the same model. There is a lot here to choose from.
Kevin Macleod does the same thing. Be sure to read his information about attribution.
Jon Sayles has a passion for early music. He posts several recordings on his site for you to do with as you like.
Dano offers a wide range of music that you can use at no charge in your presentations, provided that you credit him.
Derek Audette posts a lot of his music. Right now the streaming preview is not enabled, so you have to download to each piece and then decide if it meets your needs.
Peter John Ross offers his music for use as well. Again, you must download each piece in order to listen to it.
This archive contains several complete albums that you can use for your projects in a variety of different styles. 
This is another site that lets you search for music for your presentations.
Happy listening!