Training is one of many components in the cycle of behavioral change. Business Training Works’ Training Wheel is a model for understanding what classroom training can do and the additional activities that must occur outside of the classroom to support shifts in behavior.

Graphic Key

Criteria that must be met for the Training Wheel to be effective.
Pieces of the process we own.
Pieces in the process for which we share ownership.
Pieces of the process you own.*

* If you are unsure how to accomplish these steps, Business Training Works offers management training around these activities.

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The Training Wheel assumes you:

  • have hired and placed people in roles for which they have the aptitude and desire to succeed.
  • have policies and processes in place to support desired behaviors.
  • have given people the tools they need to do their work.
  • are realistic about what can be accomplished in a certain amount of time.

Steps in the Wheel

  1. Define What’s Important, Desired Behaviors, and What Should Be Improved
  2. Train People to Exhibit Those Behaviors, and Have Them Identify Improvement Stages
  3. Provide Multiple Opportunities for Practice (Classroom and On the Job)
  4. Hold Leaders Accountable for Modeling Desired Behaviors
  5. Hold Employees Accountable for Improvement (One Behavior at a Time)
  6. Recognize and Praise What’s Working
  7. Coach to Improve Deficiencies