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Our Instructor-Led Web-Based Courses

Business Training Works’ virtual classroom courses are instructor-led web-based training programs.  As with our onsite training options, these courses are designed for private groups and run at a time convenient to you and us.

Most of our virtual classroom programs last between ninety minutes and two hours. Programs requiring more time have two or more segments. 


Virtual classroom courses are priced by the segment.  See our pricing schedule for current fees.

Formats and Flexibility


We’ve led webinars and virtual classroom program is a variety of ways:

    • Everyone on your team is in the same room and on camera and with access to a keyboard and computer.
    • Everyone on your team is in the same room and one camera but without access to a keyboard and computer.
    • Your team members are dispersed and do not have access to microphones or cameras.
    • Your team members are dispersed and do have access to microphones and cameras.

For courses consisting of more than one segment, you can choose which you wish to purchase and schedule for your team.

Tailoring and Customization

Our web-based programs are usually slide based. This means we typically follow a set framework. That said, we can swap out case studies and make other small changes to make our content easier for your group to find relevant. 

Choice of Topics

Over the years, we’ve learned which topics work well in the virtual classroom and which don’t. For that reason, our onsite training catalog is considerably larger and more robust. We’d be happy to talk with you about your goals and objectives if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Our Virtual Classroom Catalog

You can browse our topic areas by clicking on the images below. Alternatively, the chart that follows them lists all of our available virtual classroom courses.  Click on any of the links to review the program overviews..

Format Key

  • V – Single-Segment Course
  • VM – Multi-Segment Course


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