Onsite Training Courses

Onsite Training Courses and Workshops 

Onsite training is how we got our start.  Each year we develop dozens of new workshops in response to the specific needs of our clients and general trends we observe in the marketplace. 

Our courses cover such traditional topics as business etiquette, business writing, change management, communication skills, cross-cultural communication, customer service, diversity, human resources, management, supervision, leadership, negotiation, presentation skills, time management, sales, and train the trainer.

We also offer more narrowly focused courses in areas such as chat customer service, storytelling, military writing, GPO Style Manual usage, and customer service for healthcare.

We are not a low-cost commodity-course provider, and we recognize that no two clients are alike.  We want to learn about your business challenges, work with you to understand your goals, and choose an approach and schedule that works for you.

Onsite Training Catalog

The workshop overviews found on this site suggest course length, learning objectives, and program flow.  For most of our clients, these descriptions are a starting point.  However, upon request, we can teach the programs exactly as described.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us.

The chart below lists available onsite courses.  Click on any of the links to review the full workshop outlines.

Format Key

  • H – Half-Day Onsite Training Course
  • F – Full-Day Onsite Training Course
  • M – Multi-Day Onsite Training Course

Communication Skills Courses and Workshops Directory
Work Smarts: Communication Skills for ProfessionalsM
Communicating with Tact, Diplomacy, Poise, and Finesse: What to Say and How to Say ItF
The People Principle: Effective Communication for EveryoneH
Surviving in The Communication Jungle®: Concrete Tactics for Improving Relationships with OthersH
Raising Your EQ: Harnessing the Power of Emotional IntelligenceF
The Confidence Advantage: Building Self-Esteem and Assertiveness SkillsHF
Handling Chronic Complainers, Time Stealers, Loudmouths, Emotional Vampires, and Other Difficult People: How to Work Better with Almost AnyoneH
Hot Topics: Avoiding Frustration and Anger in the WorkplaceH
Listening Loud and Clear: How to Use Your Mind, Heart, and Ears for Better Business ResultsH
Emphasizing Empathy: Communicating with Passion, Compassion, and ConcernH
Better Emotional Literacy: Leveraging Empathy for Stronger Workplace ResultsHF
Tough Talk: Planning and Managing Difficult ConversationsH
The Authenticity Advantage: Communicating with CredibilityF
Optimism: The Antidote to NegativityH
Strengthsfinder®: Discovering and Making the Most of Your Team’s Natural GiftsHF
The Trusted Advisor: Using Trust as a DifferentiatorF
Communicating with Influence: Communication Skills for Managers and SupervisorsM
Listening for Leaders: Six Essential Skills for Better CommunicationH
The Face of the Office: Communication Skills for Administrative AssistantsH
Remote Control: Communication Strategies for Virtual TeamsF
Power Networking: Communication Skills for Technical ProfessionalsF
Managing Up: Tactics for Working Well FOR OthersF
The Language of Caring: Leveraging Connection, Compassion, and Communication in HealthcareF
Fan-tastic Relations: Communication Skills for Athletes and Others Representing a TeamF

Customer Service Training Courses
Customer Service Excellence: How to Deliver Exceptional Service to Today's Busy CustomerF
How May I Help You?: Outstanding Telephone Courtesy and Customer ServiceH
The Customer Connection: 20 Essential Communication Skills for Giving Better ServiceH
Mailbox Manners and Maneuvers: Building Rapport and Relationships OnlineF
Service Survival: Handling Demanding and Difficult CustomersHF
Step Up Your Service Game: Three Hours to Better Customer ServiceH
Welcome!: Front Desk Professional Image BuildingH
S.O.S.: Help for the Help DeskH
Delivering Exceptional Client Service: How to Build Lasting PartnershipsF
Let's Chat: Customer Service Skills for Online Service and Sales RepresentativesH
Fan-tastic Relations: Communication Skills for Athletes and Others Representing a TeamF
The A+ Agent: Confidence and Professionalism for Call Center EmployeesF
Smarter Service: Leveraging Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem Solving for a Better Customer ExperienceF
Citizen Service: Customer Service and Communication Skills for Government EmployeesF
In the Bag: Delivering Exceptional Retail Customer ServiceF
At Your Service: Delivering a Five-Star Customer ExperienceF
Patients Plus: Delivering Customer Service for Better Patient SatisfactionF
You've Got It Maid: Customer Service, Communication Skills, and Team Building for Housekeeping ProfessionalsH
Getting It on Paper: Understanding the Art of Automotive Repair-Order WritingF
More Than a Database: Customer Relationship ManagementF
Survey Says…: Managing Customer Feedback and ReviewsF
Leading Service: Setting the Stage for Great Customer InteractionsF
Defining Excellence: The Look and Sound of Service Great ServiceM
Coaching for Customer Service: Managing, Motivating, and Getting the Best Out of Front-line EmployeesM

Leadership and Management Training Courses
Management Essentials: Skills for Supervising OthersM
Lessons in Leadership: Learning to Lead So Others Will FollowM
Step Up to Supervisor: Making the Transition from Buddy to BossF
Supervision Skills for Managers: Coaching, Counseling, Delegating, and Developing an A+ WorkgroupFM
Employee Accountability: The Nuts and Bolts of Delegation and Coaching for Better PerformanceH
Off My Plate: Effective Delegation TechniquesH
Engaging with Feedback: Win-Win Skills to Improve Employee PerformanceH
Material Concerns: Leadership and Management Skills for People in Production EnvironmentsM
Master Mentoring: Understanding Both Sides of the Employee Development ConversationF
The Total Leader: Essential Skills for Successful ManagementM
Coaching for Results: Skills for Managers and Leaders to Drive BehaviorH
Follow Me!: Leadership Skills for Non-ManagersF
Engaging Government Employees: Inspiring Great Work in the Public SectorF
Management Basics: Fundamental Skills for People in ChargeH
The B2 (Belief x Believability) Advantage: Managing and Leading with TrustF
Leading with Lore: Leveraging Stories and Storytelling for BusinessFM
Communicating with Influence: Communication Skills for Managers and SupervisorsM
Orchestrating Excellence: Understanding and Implementing a Performance Management SystemF
The Adaptive Advantage: Managing Nimble TeamsH
Performance Management Skills for Managers: Getting the Best from EmployeesF
Give Me an M!:The Foundations of Employee MotivationH


Onsite Workshops