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Our online presentation skills courses cover both presentation design and presentation delivery.  Each course takes between four and six hours to complete. The programs offer an assortment of videos, interactive exercises, case studies, and self-assessment tools.

Learners can earn and download a certificate after completing a course assessment with a score of 70% or better.

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Format Key

  • P – Self-Paced Online Partner Course
  • S – Business Training Works Short Course
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Presentation Design SkillsP
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Presentation Design Skills

The root cause of a poorly delivered presentation often starts with the thought process of the person who put it together. Bad thinking and bad design are the sad beginning of an unpleasant end. This course offers a solution for those wishing to solidify their thinking and improve their design skills. It addresses everything from organizing thoughts to developing slides. The program pays particular attention to considerations around PowerPoint, as that tool is commonly used and often required in many workplaces.

Presentation Skills

When you know your audience, you have a strong message and supporting details, and you’re confident in your delivery, chances are your message will be well received. This presentation skills course addresses the skills needed for those activities to occur. From audience analysis and identifying a strong message to feeling confident on the platform and practicing, this self-paced program covers the basics anyone who must present information to others should know.

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