Online Customer Service Courses Directory

With advances in technology and shoppers able to quickly search for providers online, businesses can’t afford to give bad service.

Our customer service courses focus on the skills people need to communicate well with the people they serve.

The online courses included in this directory focus on the skills needed to effectively interact with others.

Learners can earn and download a certificate after completing a course assessment with a passing score.

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Format Key

  • P – Self-Paced Online Partner Course
  • S – Business Training Works Short Course


Customer Service Excellence

This online program addresses customer service basics. The course comprises seven units: the importance of customer service, basic tactics for giving good service, body language and customer service, service-friendly vocabulary, listening skills, techniques for dealing with difficult people and challenging situations, the importance of measuring service, and stress management.

Email Etiquette and Business Writing

This online email etiquette course is based on our popular onsite offering on the same subject. The program takes about an hour to complete and addresses such topics as conducting an audience analysis, choosing a meaningful subject line, using accessible vocabulary, writing and formatting for clarity, avoiding common grammatical errors, and staying mindful of the law as it relates to digital correspondence.

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