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Our online nonprofit management courses address current issues most nonprofit institutions confront: strategic planning, fundraising, board development, grant writing, and budgeting.

Each course takes between three and five hours to complete.  The programs offer an assortment of videos, interactive exercises, case studies, and self-assessment tools.

Learners can earn and download a certificate after completing a course assessment with a score of 70% or better.

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Format Key

  • P – Self-Paced Online Partner Course
  • S – Business Training Works Short Course


Leadership in Nonprofits

In addition to a sound strategy and strong financial footing, solid leadership is the third essential element a successful nonprofit typically enjoys. This course looks at leadership in the nonprofit world. The program introduces a range of theories, compares leadership with management activities, discusses authority, and addresses a range of essential qualities strong leaders share.

The Basics of Nonprofit Management

This survey course provides a broad overview of what people managing nonprofits should understand about that environment. The program addresses such topics as organizational structure in a nonprofit setting, governance, strategic planning, servant leadership, financial and legal issues, marketing and communication, grant writing, and performance assessment.

Strategy for Nonprofits

Any organization is more likely to achieve its goals if everyone understands the direction in which their headed and they’ve bought into the process. That can’t happen if an organization doesn’t have a strategy and a solid plan for achieving its plan. This course introduces the fundamentals of strategic planning in a nonprofit environment. The program addresses such topics as mission development/confirmation, how budgets and strategy interrelate, and contingency planning.

Reading Nonprofit Financial Statements

Learn how to read a range of financial statements during this self-paced training course. The program examines the documents used to report a nonprofit organization’s financial health. During the program, learners will discover what various ratios mean, what financial documents can an can’t reveal, and how reports help organizations assess their financial performance and make decisions.

Budgeting for Nonprofits

This online course introduces budgets and the budgeting process in nonprofit environments. The course addresses a range of essential topics: the functions of a nonprofit budget, various budgets and how they are used, program versus operating budgets, the budgeting process, variance analysis and the importance of comparing budgets to actuals, capital budgets, and techniques for managing the budgeting process.

Understanding Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns raise large amounts of money for significant projects. Before taking on such an endeavor, it’s important to understand what a capital campaign can and can’t do and the processes for setting the table for success. This course addresses the fundamentals people should understand before embarking on a large fundraising effort.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Regardless of their job titles, people working in a nonprofit should understand the importance of fundraising. This self-paced course covers the fundamentals of nonprofit fundraising. The course covers such topics as capital campaigns, annual campaigns, planned giving, direct mail and telephone solicitations, social media and online fundraising, grants, corporate sponsorships, and donor relations.

Grant Writing

Most nonprofit organizations, to some extent, rely on grants to fund their operations and goals. This grant-writing course introduces the process and addresses best practices for securing outside funding. The program uses multiple case studies to illustrate learning points. After completing the class, learners should have some clear ideas about how grants could help them achieve their funding goals.

Nonprofit Board Development and Volunteer Management

Successful nonprofits understand the importance of a strong board. They also know the value of volunteers and how those resources can augment a paid staff’s efforts. This course looks at board development and tactics for growing volunteer participation. The program addresses such topics as nonprofit board responsibilities, board structures, differences between nonprofit boards and other boards, board evaluation, board committees, volunteer recruiting, and more.

Principles of Marketing for Nonprofits

Learn the fundamentals of marketing products and services in a nonprofit environment. This online course addresses the product development cycle, planning, targeting, promoting, and managing expectations. The program also addresses ethics and marketing and questions nonprofits should ask themselves as they develop their marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

While you might not be on Facebook or LinkedIn, many of the people who would and could find your organization of interest probably are. For that reason, it’s a good idea to know something about social media and how to leverage it as a nonprofit. This course covers a range of topics: what you should know before developing a social media presence, the pluses and minuses of various platforms, and how to leverage social media to achieve such objectives as building an audience and encouraging a dialogue.

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