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More than anything else, a manager or supervisor has the power to influence employee engagement. The better the manager, the more likely employees will adopt an ownership mentality at work.

Our online leadership and management courses are designed to help people enhance their abilities to develop others.

The programs offer an assortment of videos, interactive exercises, case studies, and self-assessment tools.

Depending on the topic(s) chosen, course lengths and access times vary.

For all programs, learners can earn and download a certificate after completing a course assessment and earning a passing score.

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Format Key

  • P – Self-Paced Online Partner Course
  • S – Business Training Works Short Course


Introduction to Leadership

Few things can determine an organization’s success more than leadership.  This online program provides practical guidelines and suggestions for mastering the skill.  It offers real-world examples of how leaders enthuse, move, and influence others, and it answers the questions leaders often ask: What is leadership, and why is it important? What is visionary leadership? How does charisma play into leading?  And, how are managing and administrating different from leadership?  By the conclusion of this course, participants should have a solid foundation in place to lead their teams.

Managing People

Good managers understand the fundamentals of handling others.  This course explains how empowerment, goals, motivation, and measurement can come together to drive a workforce. At this self-paced program’s conclusion, participants should have a clear understanding of what it takes to manage people and how they can use this knowledge back on the job.

How to Coach

Skilled leaders get things done by working through others. They understand how to coach to bring out the best in people. This online coaching program covers the essential elements of the coaching process: the steps, goal setting, listening skills, and questioning ability.

Handling Difficult Employee Behavior

A difficult employee can drag down an entire department or worse. This online course covers the skills needed to successfully confront difficult and challenging behaviors. Using video to illustrate learning points, this program covers the process for addressing deficiencies, coaching, and counseling employees. By the course’s conclusion, participants should be prepared to tackle tough conversations and take action.

Performance Management

Performance management is an essential part of a manager’s job. In fact, making sure others have the tools and training to complete their work and finish tasks on time is the core of a manager’s responsibilities.  This performance management course provides an overview of performance management and the formal systems that can make the process easier.  The program also explains how to conduct a performance management interview and describes the steps to take to create a performance improvement plan.

Leading and Managing Change

Whether adopting new technology or adapting to a drastic shift in an organization’s core focus, leaders and managers play a fundamental role in the change process. This online course addresses the primary issues managers face when leading and managing change. During this program, learners will explore organizational change, review Kotter’s eight-step change process and Lewin’s model of change, identify steps leaders and managers can take to introduce and manage change, and more.

Business Ethics

Most of the time, bad behavior ultimately catches up with the person or people who have acted unethically. As any newspaper or social media site will reveal, very little is private these days, and organizations large and small have learned the high costs of unethical actions.  Not only can a firm’s pocketbook take a hit, but its brand can suffer damage – sometimes to the point that it simply can’t be repaired. This course looks at business ethics and the issues leaders and others in an organization should consider. The program addresses individual ethics, leadership ethics, and ethics in relation to governance and control.

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