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As machines continue to replace people performing many manual tasks, employers are demanding greater critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving from their employees.

Our online innovation, creativity, and critical thinking programs address many of the skills people need to successfully generate and evaluate new ideas.

Each self-paced course takes between three and five hours to complete.  The programs comprise an assortment of videos, interactive exercises, case studies, and self-assessment tools.

Learners can earn and download a certificate after completing a course assessment with a score of 70% or better.

Click on the links below to review the program objectives and explore each course outline.

Format Key

  • P – Self-Paced Online Partner Course
  • S – Business Training Works Short Course
Creativity, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Problem Solving Online Courses
Personal CreativityP
Introduction to Critical ThinkingP
Innovation in Teams and OrganizationsP
Creativity in Teams and OrganizationsP


Personal Creativity

This introductory course covers personal creativity. During this self-paced program, learners will explore such tools as mind mapping, SCAMPER, and random input.  They will also discover the difference between vertical and lateral thinking and assess the issues surrounding the measurement of creativity.  This program has no prerequisites and takes between three and five hours to complete.

Introduction to Critical Thinking

This online critical thinking course introduces learners to the value of critical thinking in business.  During this self-paced program, participants will explore critical thinking, reasoning, and logic; learn to ask appropriate questions; review systematic problem solving; identify barriers to successful thinking and recognize problems related to reasoning.  By the conclusion of this course, learners should be able to explain the elements of critical thinking and how to apply processes and skills in the workplace.

Innovation in Teams and Organizations

Learn the basics of innovation during this online training course. The program focuses on innovation in the public and private sector and reviews the latest academic thinking on the subject. By the end of this self-paced class, learners should be able to explain the key factors that exist in an innovative organization; describe barriers that prevent innovative thinking; articulate the difference between radical innovation, semi-radical innovation, and incremental improvements; and use a variety of tools.

Creativity in Teams and Organizations

Encourage creativity within your group with this online team creativity training course, a program focused on tools and techniques for productive thinking in a collective setting. During the self-paced program, learners will discover the connection between creativity and innovation, explore five factors shared by creative teams, review several ideation techniques, and look at methods for overcoming creativity barriers.

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