The Benefits of Business Storytelling

Storytelling in the workplace has received increased attention in recent years and with good reason. An organization’s leaders can use stories to communicate values, culture, and their brand. Stories can also help managers address conflict, resolve issues, and simplify concepts.  Additionally, those in a teaching role can leverage stories to increase the “stickiness” of their content. The possibilities are almost endless.

About Our Storytelling Programs

Business Training Works offers targeted storytelling courses.  These programs address a range of audiences, including leaderssalespeopleeducators, facilitators, and teams. Each workshop is interactive and participant focused.  

We cover such topics as deciding a message, finding themes, choosing language, using body language to enhance delivery, and fitting stories into business interactions.

Our courses can be taught as described in the workshop overviews or customized to meet your team’s specific goals.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our workshop facilitators use stories as part of their work. They understand what makes a story good, the importance of keeping a story inventory, and the tips and tricks master storytellers leverage.

These people are also able to establish an environment of trust and encourage participants to take risks as they learn to tell stories of their own.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

Our business storytelling sessions focus on the skills people need to use stories in their work. Participants can expect to practice a range of story-crafting and storytelling techniques.

Course Overviews

To learn about what’s covered in our storytelling seminars, read the short course descriptions found on this page or click on the course title links to explore the complete outlines.  

If you have a need our existing material does not address, please contact us to discuss your goals and objectives. We may be able to build something for you.