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In business, everybody is always selling something.  Sadly, however, few people do all that they can to delight existing clients and attract new ones.  Are your salespeople and service representatives trained to do all they can to grow your business?
What if you could put processes in place to increase your existing sales and increase your market share? Would you invest the time? Would you invest the resources? Few great organizations answer “no” to those questions.
From prospecting, managing opportunities, and account development to storytelling for salespeople, sales presentations, and negotiation, our sales training courses answer a wide range of business needs. 
We don’t teach aggressive techniques or sleazy tactics. We believe that successful selling is about solving problems for clients, and our programs focus on the skills necessary to build lasting relationships with customers.  
Our sales training courses are led by professionals with decades of experience. These programs are designed to help salespeople and non-salespeople alike improve their skill at creating opportunities, building relationships, closing deals, and retaining clients.
Our seminars can be taught as described, tailored, or completely customized to your group’s industry, corporate culture, and environment. 

To review our workshop overviews, read the short course descriptions found on this page or click on the course links to see the complete outlines.

If you have a need our existing programs do not address, please contact us about creating a custom workshop for your team.

Format Key

  • H – Half-Day Onsite Training Course
  • F – Full-Day Onsite Training Course
  • M – Multi-Day Onsite Training Course

Workshop Descriptions

Stop Selling! : How to Listen, Learn, and Build Loyal Customer Relationships

All things being equal or close to it, people like working with people they know and trust. This relationship-selling course focuses on the skills salespeople need to foster strong relationships with their clients and customers in an age where many customers complete the bulk of their initial research before picking up the phone. During this interactive and hands-on workshop, we will explore the customer-centric mindset, unique selling proposition, customer pain points, the relationship-selling process, networking, sales call choreography, responses to objections, closing skills, and servicing relationships after an initial sale. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn consultative selling skills.

Basic Sales Training: Selling Fundamentals

This introductory course addresses the fundamentals of sales and the selling process. It is designed for those new to the field and for people who have recently had sales added to their existing workplace responsibilities. During the workshop, participants will explore the salesperson’s role, articulate the features and benefits of the products and services they offer, describe and follow their organization’s sales model, adhere to processes for staying organized, research their customers, follow up appropriately, and build rapport with their customers and clients.

Finding Gold: Prospecting for Sales Leads Like a Pro

Without prospects, a business can’t grow, or for that matter and in most cases, stay level. This course focuses on prospecting and skills for feeding the sales pipeline. During this hands-on workshop, participants will examine their current prospecting practices, their prospecting needs in light of their attrition rates and sales goals, and their prospect to sale ratio. Additionally, we will develop a prospecting model specific to their organization and action plans for various prospect segments. Also, we will discuss techniques for reactivating lost accounts, leveraging and building a sales network, and skills for using the phone as an effective awareness tool.

Transforming No: Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale

In sales, objections are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they should stop the process or prevent a purchase. The key is understanding a buyers’ reservations and responding to them with information that addresses their needs. This workshop explores the ins and outs of objection handling. During the program, we will look at the source of objections; preventative, pre-emptive, and response strategies; tools for understanding and outlining a buyer’s decision-making process; a framework for gaining insight about competitors; a model for meeting buyer needs; and language for answering objections. This interactive course incorporates multiple role-play exercises and ample opportunities to practice addressing the objections participants experience in the field.

Calling All Callers: Tools and Techniques for Better Phone Sales

Most people don’t like telemarketers, but if done correctly, telephone selling can be in a league of its own. This consultative-selling course is designed specifically for people who use the phone as their primary vehicle for communicating with customers. During this interactive working, we will cover such topics as knowing your products and services, opening calls in a way that people are interested and willing to give you their time, staying positive throughout the day, following a call schedule, choreographing a call, and closing conversations in such a way that they most often lead to a sale or the next stage in the selling cycle.

From Chat to Charge: Conversation Skills for Growing Online Sales

The ability to conduct chat is only part of the chat selling puzzle.  This chat sales course is designed specifically for people using chat as a communication tool in the selling process.  This dynamic program covers the basics of relationship selling and the specifics of using chat when interacting with customers.  Throughout the session, the program offers multiple opportunities to practice skills learned.  For a full day of training, this workshop can be combined with Let’s Chat: Customer Service Skills for Online Service and Sales Representatives.

Great Exhibitionists: Mastering Trade Show Sales and Booth Etiquette

Too many companies deploy staff to a trade show with no plan for making the most of the organization’s investment.  This trade show sales and selling course covers the ins and outs of successfully staffing a booth, setting realistic goals, generating foot traffic, qualifying leads, acting with professionalism, and following up after events. The program comprises practical discussions, role plays, case studies and facilitated planning and goal setting. By its conclusion, participants should have the basic skills they need in place to successfully navigate their next show.

But Wait, There's More: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Conducting Engaging Product Demonstrations

Strong product demonstrators are experts at showcasing a product and helping an audience envision themselves using it. This course is part sales training and part presentation skills workshop. The program explores the ins and outs of great product demos: researching an audience, conducting one-to-one and one-to-many demonstrations, presenting in person and virtually, incorporating stories, and avoiding sales-killing mistakes. The course also suggests tactics for building rapport and encouraging audience engagement, as well as skills for introducing innovations with which prospects are not familiar. During the seminar, participants will have ample opportunities to practice what they’ve learned and develop their ability to move prospects to the next phase of the sales cycle.

Perfect Pitch: Crafting and Delivering Effective Sales Presentations

Solid presentation skills are critical for anyone who must get up in front of clients.  This sales presentation skills workshop teaches deck creation, platform techniques, questioning skills, and other essential competencies anyone who routinely presents to clients must have.  During this course, we will map a pitch and identify strengths and opportunities.  Next, we will discuss steps for setting the stage and doing advance work in preparation for a meeting.  We will then talk about the importance of asking questions before launching into a pitch.  Following those introductory topics, we will spend time designing a presentation choreographing a meeting.  The course concludes with a robust discussion around planning for the unexpected and staying calm under a wide range of unforeseen circumstances.

A Novel Approach: Selling with Stories

The best salespeople understand the value of stories in the sales process.  After all, a well-spun tale can reinforce a customer’s belief in a product, service, or company. Great stories can also help customers envision themselves using a particular product or service to solve a problem. In fact, a strong and memorable narrative can build brand awareness and strengthen a relationship with customers and potential customers alike. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to use stories to enhance their presentations and address the issues their customers care about.

From Telling to Selling: Relationship Management Skills for the Universal Banker

For banks transitioning from large branch staffs with a range of roles to offices staffed with fewer people who can perform a wider range of tasks, the transition can be difficult. This course addresses the universal banker concept and the soft skills required to be successful in the role.  The program covers such topics as managing change; defining brand-specific actions, attitudes, and appearance; engaging customers; building profiles; relationship selling, and planning contacts. The workshop is ideally suited for banks and credit unions that have moved or will move to a universal banker model in their branches.

Onsite Training Course Reminders

Our instructor-led training courses are available to private groups.  These workshops are not offered in a public seminar format.  Please contact us to speak with a facilitator about your needs and bringing training to your organization.

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