The Benefits of Learning Time Management, Organization, and Other Productivity Skills

The skills taught in our time management training programs and productivity courses help people learn to prioritize, focus, and appear calm and collected – even in the midst of chaos.

And why does this matter? Whether it’s organizing, choosing tasks, deciding a set of goals, or managing projects, people who have command of their day are able to contribute more to the workplace.

About Our Productivity Programs

Our productivity workshops address a range of essential workplace skills: time managementorganizationdelegation, and project management

In addition to those universal topics, we offer workshops to address subjects of specific interest to niche populations: administrative professionalsminute takers, and leaders who are interested in better managing their time.

Depending on the needs of your group, we can run the programs as described in the program outlines, tailor them to address specific points of concern, or create custom content if we don’t have something in our existing library that will address a team’s training goals.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our course facilitators have helped thousands of people learn the basics of managing time and projects. They have hundreds of workshop facilitation hours behind them, and they know how to get the most from both traditional and electronic productivity tools.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

We don’t spend a lot of time on theoretical models that are too complicated to use or academic information participants can’t implement back on the job. During each hands-on session, participants will work with real-world examples as they learn methods for deciding what is important, prioritizing tasks, establishing project milestones, or choosing what to keep and what to send to the recycling bin.

Course Overviews

To review our workshop outlines, read the short course descriptions found on this page, or click on the course links to see the complete program overviews.

If you would prefer to talk with someone, please contact us, and we will set up a call for you to speak with a facilitator about your goals and objectives. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more.