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The Benefits of Learning Time Management, Organization, and Other Productivity Skills

The skills taught in our time management training programs and productivity courses help people learn to prioritize, focus, and appear calm and collected – even in the midst of chaos.

And why does this matter? Whether it’s organizing, choosing tasks, deciding a set of goals, or managing projects, people who have command of their day, are able to contribute more to the workplace.

About Our Productivity Programs

Our productivity workshops address a range of essential workplace skills: time management, organization, delegation, and project management

In addition to those universal topics, we offer workshops to address subjects of specific interest to niche populations: administrative professionals, minute takers, and leaders who are interested in better managing their time.

Depending on the needs of your group, we can run the programs as described in the program outlines, tailor them to address specific points of concern, or create custom content if we don’t have something in our existing library that will address a team’s  training goals.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our course facilitators have helped thousands of people learn the basics of managing time and projects. They have hundreds of workshop facilitation hours behind them, and they know how to get the most from both traditional and electronic productivity tools.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

Our productivity courses focus on practicing tools and techniques. We don’t spend a lot of time on theoretical models that are too complicated to use or academic information participants can’t implement back on the job. 

During each hands-on session, participants will work with real-world examples as they learn methods for deciding what is important, prioritizing tasks, establishing project milestones, or choosing what to keep and what to send to the recycling bin.

Productivity Course Overviews

To review our workshop outlines, read the short course descriptions found on this page, or click on the course links to see the complete program overviews.

If you would prefer to talk with someone, please contact us, and we will set up a call for you to speak with a facilitator about your goals and objectives.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more.

Format Key

  • H – Half-Day Onsite Training Course
  • F – Full-Day Onsite Training Course
  • M – Multi-Day Onsite Training Course

Workshop Descriptions

Taming the Time Monster: How to Stop Procrastinating, Start Planning, and Get More Done

This time management workshop is one of our oldest and most popular productivity training programs.  It covers the ins and outs of productivity. Through a series of interactive exercises, the workshop explains the benefits and drawbacks of various calendar systems, explores how to work better with others through delegation, demonstrates the use and organization of a to-do list, and aids in developing a personal action plan for better time management skills. By the end of this high-energy course, participants should be able to stop procrastinating, prioritize their tasks, say “no” to time wasters, and feel more in control of their lives.

Getting Things Done with Only Two Hands: Time Management Systems and Solutions for Busy People

Without a system, it’s difficult to manage time, objects, or anything else. This half-day workshop covers the essential elements of time management and the systems productive people put in place to stay on top of their work. The program addresses a range of productivity tools and methods. By the end of this program, participants should have a plan in place to leverage the techniques discussed during the session.

Digging Out: How to Get Organized and Get Control When You Are Overworked, Overcommitted, and Overwhelmed

Whether you’re unable to find information or a physical item being disorganized is no fun! This interactive workshop tackles the ins and outs of organizing physical and virtual spaces. The program explores the freedom that comes from editing and curating the “stuff” with which we surround ourselves and tools and tactics for making the process easier. To get the most from this course, participants are strongly encouraged to bring their organizational challenges to the session and work on developing a plan for improvement during their time in the program.

A Clean Desk Is Possible: Organizing for the Overwhelmed

Being buried in piles of paper and other “stuff” can be downright depressing. Where to start? What should stay, and what should go? How do you stay on top of everything? Find out the answers to those questions during this hands-on and interactive organizational skills workshop. Learn the skills you need to gain control and put systems and processes in place to stay that way.

Off My Plate: Effective Delegation Techniques

Few people can get everything done by themselves. For that reason, knowing how to delegate is an essential workplace skill.  This course explores the ins and outs of effective delegation and tactics for assigning the right tasks to the right people. Through a range of exercises and activities, during this interactive workshop participants will explore such topics as letting go, generating buy-in, communicating authority, monitoring tasks, using questions to coach, and monitoring delegated tasks. 

The Attitude Day Spa: Managing Stress, Building Self-Esteem, and Staying Positive at Work

A little stress is great.  A lot?  Not so much.   This high-energy program explores the ins and outs of stress and stress management.  By the end of this course, participants should be able to recognize what causes them stress, make changes to their physical environment to reduce stress, practice physical exercises for relieving tension, and use a variety of mental techniques for feeling in control and reminding themselves of what’s good about what they do and where they work.

The Polished Administrative Assistant: Keeping Those Around You Organized, On Time, and On Track

While certainly important, technical skills are only a portion of what’s required from a first-rate administrative or executive assistant. This course addresses the soft skills people expect from those who support them. The program looks at personal credibility, language choices, professional presence, email etiquette, and tools and tactics for handling difficult personalities and challenging situations. By the conclusion of this workshop, participants should have a renewed sense of purpose and new ideas for supporting others back on the job.

Minute by Minute: Distilling and Documenting Meeting Conversations

Top minute takers know what to capture when they sit in a meeting. They record the essence of what is said and leave out superfluous information, emotions, and details that don’t contribute to a document’s goals. This interactive workshop addresses best practices for distilling conversations and recording discussions. The program covers such topics as a minute taker’s responsibilities, minute-taking templates, and electronic and paper tools. This course is offered in both a half-day and full-day format. The difference between the two options is the depth to which business writing skills are addressed and the practice time allotted to various activities.

Get It Done: The Basics of Project Management

Since the beginning of time, people have been putting tasks in order, delegating them, and ensuring work stays on schedule. Despite how it might appear on the surface, most project management isn’t rocket science. Using easy-to-understand examples and interactive activities, this project management course introduces a range of tools in a down-to-earth manner. During this workshop, participants will learn about gathering requirements; asking the right questions; communicating clearly; documenting plans, progress, and problems; creating a work breakdown structure, managing scope creep and other issues, leveraging interpersonal skills, and closing out a project when it comes to an end. 

Making Meetings Work: How to Schedule Fewer Meetings and Get More Done

Bad meetings are not good for business. They waste time and money.  This program is designed to help people improve their meeting management skills.  It provides basic facilitation tools and suggests best practices for getting the most out of workplace discussions.  The course outlines the cost of meetings, 14 best practices for running meetings, questions to consider before calling a meeting, basic facilitation skills, and tactics for addressing common problems. If they implement the suggestions offered and skills taught in the program, participants should find they have fewer meetings and get more enjoyment and better results from those they do attend.

Getting It on Paper: Understanding the Art of Automotive Repair-Order Writing

Poorly written repair orders waste time, cost money, and negatively impact customer satisfaction levels. This specialized workshop addresses that problem. Designed for fixed-operations employees working in the automotive industry, this hands-on and practical course teaches the skills needed to elicit information from customers and clearly and comprehensively document those concerns in such a way that a technician can reproduce a problem and fix it right the first time.

Outsmarting Overload: Getting the Most from Microsoft Outlook

While almost everyone uses Microsoft Outlook, few people know how to get the most benefit from the program. This interactive and hands-on workshop is a fast-paced overview of all Outlook can do. Participants will learn how to leverage keyboard shortcuts, templates, quick steps, quick parts, mail merges, and a host of other tools that will increase their ability to conquer their inboxes once and for all.

Onsite Training Course Reminders

Our instructor-led training courses are available to private groups.  These workshops are not offered in a public seminar format.  Please contact us to speak with a facilitator about your needs and bringing training to your organization.

We offer training in the District of Columbia and the following US states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

We also travel to Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Canada, Central America, Continental Europe, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

Please contact us about your location.

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