The Benefits of Learning to Negotiate and Manage Conflict

Negotiation training can help you develop the skills needed to successfully navigate formal negotiations, workplace conflicts, and general disagreements.
Skilled negotiators know how to get what they want without instilling rage in their partners across the table. They research and craft a plan before they pick up the phone or schedule a meeting. 
Whether you are negotiating a major purchasing contract, attempting to solve a departmental conflict, or simply trying to better understand people, we can help. 

About Our Negotiation Training Programs

Our negotiation training programs and conflict resolution courses are designed to improve the critical thinking capabilities, bargaining abilities, and people skills of all who attend. 
These seminars can be delivered as described in the workshop overviews, slightly tailored to emphasize specific points, or fully customized to address your particular business needs.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our course facilitators have worked as buyers, sellers, and mediators.  They have deep knowledge of conflict management, dispute resolution, and negotiation topics.

Our Interactive Approach

We believe in learning by doing.  Our approach revolves around accelerated learning and knowledge transfer.   We do not rely on canned lectures or endless PowerPoint slides.
Participants who take part in our programs can expect to get out of their chairs, share their experiences, and participate in role-play activities.

What’s Covered in Our Negotiation Training and Conflict Resolution Workshops

To review our workshop outlines, read the short course descriptions found on this page, or click on the course links to see the complete program overviews.
If you would prefer to speak with someone, please contact us. We would be happy to set up a call for you to talk with a facilitator about your objectives and goals.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more.