The Benefits of Management Training

  • Do your organization’s leaders know how to engage a team? 
  • Do they have a vision others embrace? 
  • Are they able to help their direct reports define and achieve their professional goals? 
  • Do they get their work done without appearing frazzled, aggressive, or overwhelmed? 

Yes? No? Maybe? Skilled supervisors and managers can do all of those things.  They lead and manage in such a way that those they supervise are fully engaged at work and drive the business forward.

While some people in charge are born with a natural ability to inspire and drive others to perform, the vast majority of successful managers have had some help along the way in the form of management training and leadership development.

About Our Management Training Programs

Whether you have a group of new supervisors or an experienced team that needs some skills sharpening, our management training courses, workshops, seminars, and multi-session programs can provide your people with opportunities to learn and practice a range of skills: defining boundaries, setting goals, holding people accountable, coaching, counseling, speaking in public, thinking critically and creatively, managing time, building a team, hiring, and planning for the future. We can facilitate our workshops as described in the program overviews or tailor them to address issues that are of particular importance to your group. 

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our course facilitators have had decades of experience supervising and managing others.  Many are published authors who have written extensively on various management and leadership topics. 

Our Interactive Approach to Training

Our approach to training is practical and highly interactive. We believe in learning by doing, and for that reason, we will never send you an inexperienced instructor or a facilitator armed only with a canned PowerPoint presentation or video.


The chart below lists our existing leadership and management courses and the length of each.  Following the table, you will find short descriptions of the programs and links to the workshop outlines.

Don’t have time to sort through all of the options? Please get in touch, and we can help you choose. If our existing library won’t meet your needs, we can talk about tailoring or full customization. We look forward to learning more about your team and your goals for them.

Course List

  • H – Half-Day Onsite Training Course
  • F – Full-Day Onsite Training Course
  • M – Multi-Day Onsite Training Course