Facilitator Training

Because strong facilitation skills can make discussions easier, facilitator training can benefit almost anyone in the modern workplace.

Whether it’s generating buy-in, determining an agenda, setting the scope of a meeting, gathering ideas, summarizing points of view, or helping a team to evaluate alternatives, trained facilitators can make workplace discussions better and meetings more valuable.

About Our Facilitator Training Programs

Business Training Works offers basic facilitation training, an advanced facilitation skills program, and a short course in meeting management techniques.

These facilitator training workshops are not presentation skills programs or courses about learning to train and teach. They focus exclusively on the nuts and bolts of guiding productive discussions. 

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our course facilitators are just that, facilitators. They know how to make people comfortable, ask good questions, summarize effectively, and drive a team toward achieving a goal and making decisions with the use of a range of tools.

While they routinely conduct soft-skills training, our facilitators also have robust experience helping teams navigate discussions outside the training and talent development arena.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

As with all of our instructor-led courses, these programs are participant focused and interactive. Learners can expect to take part in activities and practice concepts taught throughout their time in class.

To review what’s covered in our existing training courses, read the short workshop descriptions found on this page, or click on the course links to see the full outlines.

If you have a need our existing material does not address, contact us to talk about your goals and objectives.

Note: For presentation skills training and train-the-trainer workshops, please reference those course directories.