The Benefits of Inclusion Workshops and Diversity Training

A better understanding of others can improve communication, encourage engagement, reduce inappropriate behavior, and increase the strength of a team. A strategy of inclusion can also help employees realize their full potential in the workplace.Instructor-Led Online Training Program

For those reasons, Business Training Works offers a wide variety of onsite training solutions for organizations that wish to begin or continue a dialog around issues related to diversity.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Our workshops cover such topics as diversity awareness, skills to move beyond awareness, unconscious bias, generational differencescommunication style preferences, and tactics for growing and managing heterogeneous teams.

These seminars can be delivered as described, or we can work with you to craft a custom approach.

About Our Workshop Facilitators

Our workshop facilitators are just that—facilitators. They are skilled at creating an environment of trust, asking meaningful questions, and navigating complex discussions. Their practiced approach to group dynamics is an asset when they are facilitating diversity programs. 

Our Interactive Approach to Training

We think adults have something to say, especially when it comes to topics related to diversity in the workplace. For that reason, we plan activities that encourage discussion. We do not rely on lectures, videos, or canned curricula.

Our activity-based courses are highly interactive, and our approach is facilitative and inclusive. We’ll do our homework to learn about your organization, meet your team where they are, and address any topics of particular interest to you.

Those who attend our courses can expect thought-provoking questions and real conversations, not dated content with little practical workplace application. 

Course Overviews

This directory contains short descriptions of our existing course. For more information and an overview of each program, click on the course links found on this page.

If our existing material does not address your specific needs or training objectives, please contact us to discuss program tailoring or customized content.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more.

Note: For additional workshops related to cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication, please visit our cross-cultural training courses directory.