The Benefits of Learning Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

People and organizations thrive on innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and new answers to old problems. 

Critical thinking courses can help ensure teams are defining problems correctly and avoiding faulty thinking. Innovation and creativity workshops can teach people to see problems differently and craft viable solutions to workplace challenges.

If your organization could benefit from learning some new tools, one of our instructor-led training offerings may be the answer.

About Our Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Problem-Solving Programs

Our courses explore a range of planning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. These workshops are designed to help teams develop their ability to see information through a range of lenses and methodically approach data.

The programs outline various creativity and ideation techniques, provide an overview of the process of critical thinking and its value, offer practice with problem-solving methodologies, explore innovation and decision making, and provide a forum and process for crafting a strategic plan.

Our Workshop Facilitators

The members of our team who facilitate this suite of workshops are practiced at leading groups through the tools each program offers. These workshop leaders are flexible and able to adjust the agenda as needed depending on the level of mastery the group achieves using each tool.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

We firmly believe in learning by doing, and we know the best way to master new techniques and tools is to practice them. For that reason, our workshops are activities based and hands on. During our sessions, participants can expect to solve a range of workplace problems as they practice new methods of generating ideas, defining problems, evaluating options, and making decisions.

Course Overviews

To explore our existing onsite training options, review the short descriptions found on this page. For more detailed information, click on the course titles to read the full workshop outlines.

We can conduct our workshops as described in the course overviews, tailor them to address specific issues, or fully customize content to meet your business needs.

Please get in touch, and we can schedule some time to learn more about your organization, what’s important to you, and your goals and objectives for training. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: When evaluating the available programs, you’ll notice we offer some courses in multiple lengths. The primary difference between the shorter and longer options is the depth to which we explore the concepts and the number of exercises and activities we choose for your program.