Change Management Training

Change management courses help prepare a workforce to handle the inevitable: change.

While most people intuitively know change is necessary for survival, knowledge doesn’t always make the process easy. For many people, uncertainty is uncomfortable. For some, it’s downright paralyzing. If your organization is getting ready to embark on a change initiative or if you’ve already done so, you can make the process easier by offering people tools, tips, and some form of change management training.

About Our Change Management Programs

Business Training Works offers workshops to address a range of challenges: 

We can run the programs as described in our course outlines, tailor them to address specific points of concern, or create custom content if we don’t have something in our existing library that will work for your team.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our change management facilitators are trained at helping people learn how to plan for change, lead transitions, and cope with disruption in the workplace. 

Depending on your objectives, we can conduct a one-time training session to communicate the basics or work with you to craft an ongoing plan as you move toward a new future.

Our Interactive Approach to Training

Our change management workshops are practical and hands on.  You can expect to work in teams, consider problems, and learn by doing.  What you won’t get is a lecture or a slow death by PowerPoint.

Course Overviews

To review our available change management offerings, read the short course descriptions found on this page. Alternatively, you can click on the course links to see the complete program overviews.