Change Management Training

Although it’s essential for progress, change often brings uncertainty, upheaval, discomfort, or worse. And if your organization doesn’t know how to navigate transitions and shifts with some degree of agility, those problems can quickly multiply. Change management training courses can simplify the change process, making transitions smoother and less daunting for everyone involved, regardless of where your organization is in its change journey.

About Our Change Management Programs

At Business Training Works, we provide change management training courses and workshops designed to address various aspects of transformation, from understanding the fundamentals of change management to leading organizational transformations. Because every team is different, we’re flexible when you engage with us. We can facilitate the training programs as described or emphasize some aspects of a workshop more than others. What’s important is meeting your team’s needs.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Our facilitator team is skilled in helping people understand and navigate the intricacies of change management. Furthermore, they’ve worked in a wide range of industries and with groups of all shapes and sizes. When you engage with us, you get not only our content but an experienced guide with years of real-world experience. 

Our Interactive Approach to Training

We believe in learning by doing. Our workshops are interactive and hands on. We avoid dull lectures and heavy PowerPoint use and instead lean toward dynamic activities, relevant problem-solving, and practical exercises. This approach makes learning more enjoyable and ensures that the skills and strategies taught are immediately applicable back at work.

Course Overviews

Click on the links below to explore and find the right fit for your team. Each course page offers a detailed workshop breakdown to help you understand the benefits and learning outcomes. Whether your goal is to enhance your team’s change management capabilities or to seek guidance for a significant organizational shift, our courses are structured to provide the necessary insights and practical tools.