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While the use of good business etiquette will not make up for technical knowledge in the workplace, bad manners, poor etiquette, and lack of civility can cost both employees and the organizations for which they work.

From email etiquette and international dining to training for new associates, our professionalism and etiquette courses will provide your employees with the tools they need to dress and act appropriately in the workplace; network, sell, and service clients; and communicate effectively using email and social media tools.

Our seminars and workshops are interactive, down to earth, packed with information, and crafted to meet a variety of business needs. 

We know from experience, courses on etiquette and professionalism are occasionally met with resistance. We’re prepared for such reactions and have an approach that can remove anxiety, feelings of criticism, and other roadblocks.

When hiring us to work with your group, you’ll get is an engaging, accessible, credentialed facilitator who knows the material. What you won’t get is a stuffy trainer presenting dated information or an instructor who cannot answer questions beyond what is covered in the leader notes.

To review course overviews for our existing training programs, read the short descriptions found on this page. You can also click on the course links to see the full outlines. Our workshops can be taught as described in the seminar overviews or tailored to address particular skills you wish to improve.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact us to discuss program tailoring and customized content.

We are excited to learn more about your goals and objectives and welcome an opportunity to speak with you.

Format Key

  • H – Half-Day Onsite Training Course
  • F – Full-Day Onsite Training Course
  • M – Multi-Day Onsite Training Course

Workshop Descriptions

Real-World Etiquette: Modern Manners for Today's Business World and Beyond

Gain an extra edge at work and have fun doing it.  Etiquette training can be fun and have a long-lasting impact. So say “goodbye” to stuffy and “hello” to Real-World Etiquette: Modern Manners for Today’s Business World and Beyond, our flagship etiquette and professionalism workshop.  This perennial seminar covers workplace behavior, networking, business dining skills, and dress. The course is fast-paced, informative, and the facilitator’s style relaxed. Depending on the needs of the participants, we can tailor the program to discuss such topics as international protocol, working with a culturally diverse group, trade show etiquette, international table manners, meeting etiquette, and more. 

The Professional Advantage: How to Get Along and Get Ahead with Better Manners

It’s no secret that the world seems to be moving faster than ever before. And at no time in history has being in charge of one’s brand and reputation been more important. This course covers the ins and outs of business etiquette and addresses how to manage technology and social media effectively. From choosing the right fork to avoiding online humiliation, this comprehensive program is down to earth, fast paced, and fun.

World Wise: Cross-Cultural Communication and Global Business Etiquette

For global organizations, cross-cultural training isn’t a “nice to have.” It’s a “need to have.” This international etiquette and cross-cultural communication workshop offers practical guidance for people working with international clients, coworkers, and suppliers. The program explores cultural norms, communication skills, country-specific etiquette rules, and culture-specific protocol. This training session is ideally suited to those who occasionally travel internationally as part of their work and who want o improve their culture savvy and international business know-how.

May the Fork Be with You: Mastering Business Meals

When it comes to business dining, what you don’t know can hurt you. This course covers the ins and outs of business dining. From the casual buffet to the seven-course meal, this down-to-earth program provides the answers people need to know to successfully navigate any dining situation. This workshop works best when it’s offered in conjunction with a practice meal. 

Cubicle Conundrums: Understanding Basic Business Etiquette and Workplace Civility

This workshop focuses on etiquette and civility in the workplace. It is designed for organizations that wish to ensure their employees are aware of workplace expectations and office manners. The class covers topics such as cubicle etiquette, email etiquette, social media etiquette, and behavior in public spaces. By the conclusion of the seminar, participants should have a clear understanding of what is acceptable at the office and what behaviors are better left for after hours.

Work Experience: How You Should Act So People Think You Have It

For people new to the workforce, it is important to get started off on the right foot. This comprehensive workplace etiquette and professionalism course for new hires is designed for recent graduates and those shifting from one type of work environment to another. It was originally developed as a two-day workshop for a comprehensive orientation program. Topics featured in this hands-on program include workplace communication skills, professional appearance, managing up, handling conflict, managing time, and basic presentation skills.

The Next Step: Surviving and Thriving in the Corporate World

You can’t expect summer interns or temporary associates to succeed if they don’t know what to do. This fast-paced etiquette and office professionalism program is a great solution for law firms, banks, professional service organizations, and others who want to prepare their summer staff for the world of work. By its conclusion, those who attend should be ready to hit the ground running.

On Target: Professionalism and Etiquette for Technical People

Attention all engineers, scientists, and information technology professionals, do you want to improve your people skills and abilities to work with others?  If so, On Target: Professionalism and Etiquette for Technical People is a fast and effective way to polish your skills.  In addition to the topics many of our general communication and etiquette workshops address, this program gets to the heart of challenges specific to those working in technical fields.

Service Savvy: Exceptional Etiquette for Retail Employees

“Welcome to our store. Let me know if I can help you with anything.” When approached that way, 95% of the time customers respond with “I’m just looking,” and the opportunity to engage is lost, maybe forever. So what should you say? How should you sound? Where should you stand? How should you dress? Find out during this interactive workshop. Targeted specifically to address the concerns of those working in a retail environment, this communication and etiquette program focuses on using good manners to engage customers.

Best Foot Forward: Protocol and Social Etiquette for Organizational Representation

While business cocktail parties and dinners can be fun, rarely should the be attended without purpose or a plan.  This specialized protocol program focuses on organizational representation and working a room or event with an objective in mind.  From creating a solid online networking profile and looking appropriate at an event to determining goals and working with purpose to achieve them, this workshop offers hand-on practical advice. In addition to those topics, the program also offers solid guidance for working with the media and handling interviews.

Putting Out the Pineapple: Hosting Corporate Guests

Hosting corporate guests is part art and part science, and getting the formula right can mean the difference between impressing visitors or depressing visitors.  This workshop teaches groups how to roll out the red carpet for corporate VIPs.  Topics covered include making positive first impressions, welcoming guests, preparing for a variety of meeting types, selecting and serving food, being available but not obvious, and looking and acting in a way that supports a visit’s business objectives.

Backstage Pass: Service Choreography Explained

Government officials, diplomats, college presidents, and others who routinely entertain often do so with the help of a service staff.  This workshop targets those behind-the-scenes employees.  During this hands-on program, participants will learn their role in supporting entertaining goals, how to set a formal table, tips and tricks for caring for service items, how to serve and clear a formal meal, the importance of using checklists, and how to deal with a host of surprises.  By the conclusion of this fast-paced and practical course, staff members should be well on their way to supporting the entertain goals of the people for whom they work.

From Top to Toe: Building A Professional Image

If you don’t look the part, it is hard to do the job to your best ability. Our dress-for-success training workshop covers what is and what is not acceptable to wear at work, personal branding, aligning appearance with workplace expectations, image management, and more. Because every workplace is different, we will tailor this program to meet your corporate dress guidelines. If you do not have guidelines, we can help you create them.

How to Network Like a Pro: Growing and Managing Your Offline and Online Business Relationships

You can’t show what you know if you don’t know how to get to the right person. This business networking training course teaches the ins and outs of networking and building offline and online relationships. Topics covered in this course include assessing a network, growing a network, feeding a network, networking etiquette and more.  The program is ideally suited for executives, recruiters, sales groups, and others whose work depends to some extent on who they know.

Get the Most for the Host: Best Practices for High-Net-Worth Client Entertaining

If your team members regularly entertain clients, they can’t afford to go in without a plan. This interactive program focuses on the mechanics and etiquette of client entertaining: researching before an event, preparing for conversations that go beyond the weather, working a room, and following up. While it’s focused on high-net-worth clients, we can adjust this workshop as needed to address your particular situation, concerns, and objectives.

Email Etiquette and Business Writing: Crafting Clear, Correct, and Courteous Digital Correspondence

Email comprises a large majority of the writing produced in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, much of it misses the mark in terms of clarity, tone, and adherence to the rules of good etiquette. This course addresses best practices for writing correct and courteous digital correspondence. It covers the ins and outs of email etiquette and fundamental writing skills. The program also touches on the law as it relates to email and the risks associated with electronic correspondence. 

Email Etiquette: How to Send and Not Offend Online

At the heart of confusion and hurt feelings in the office, often you’ll find poorly written emails are the culprit. In their effort to work quickly, too often people skip the essential elements good emails contain. This fast-paced course reviews the ins and outs of email etiquette, introduces a winning formula for creating courteous correspondence, and offers tips and tricks for staying on top of an active email account. Upon a client’s request, we will incorporate samples or examples from their workplace.

Onsite Training Course Reminders

Our instructor-led training courses are available to private groups.  These workshops are not offered in a public seminar format.  Please contact us to speak with a facilitator about your needs and bringing training to your organization.

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