Course Outcomes

This team-building workshop challenge will:

  • Offer multiple opportunities for participants to interact formally and informally.
  • Explain team dynamics, team roles, and the team-building process.
  • Provide an opportunity to practice project planning and collaboration skills.
  • Discuss the value of leveraging team strengths.

Course Overview

When people learn that they’ve been invited to a team-building event, some look forward to the experience while others are less enthusiastic about attending. This hands-on workshop is designed to win over even the most reluctant participant. Working in teams, group members will participate in a variety of fashion challenges using recycled materials. During these exercises, they will learn about the team-building process, team roles, collaboration, project planning, and skills for handling surprises. Participants do not need to have any special design skills to successfully complete this workshop.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Methodically consider and evaluate a range of ideas.
  • Craft a succinct and engaging presentation.
  • Leverage team strengths.
  • Compensate for weak or missing skills.
  • Set up a basic project plan.
  • Better manage time and resources.
  • Improvise and better handle the unexpected.

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s).

Workshop Outline 

A Passion for Fashion: Remembering Trends

This workshop opens with a sharing activity where participants will put themselves in an order determined by the facilitator. Once in line, they will share the top two or three fashion trends they remember from their youth. This exercise will allow us to talk about the different experiences people bring to a project and the value of having diverse points of view on a team. From there, we will form design teams to take part in the first fashion challenge.

Hello, Dollies: The Wardrobe Challenge

In this next part of the workshop, participants will tackle a design challenge. In this activity, they will create a wardrobe for a fashion doll using a range of recycled materials. During this segment, each group will need to decide how they will work together, what they will create, and how they will manage time. They will also need to determine how they will present their collection to the rest of the group. 

Fashion Critic: Starting from the Other Side

In this part of the course, participants will evaluate a variety of runway designs. They will rank them in order of preference and prepare to explain why they established the order they chose. This exercise will provide a forum for the group to look at decision making, methods for handling disagreement, and the importance of presenting a succinct point of view. 

Folding, Cutting, Taping: Learning New Skills

Scissors, paper folds, and tape are important tools in the recycled-runway designer’s toolkit. In this portion of the workshop, participants will learn a variety of design skills. In addition to preparing the group for the final exercise, this component of the workshop will open a dialog about building a project team and how to leverage talents and compensate when a skill set is weak or missing altogether.   

Project Runway: The Final Design Challenge 

In this part of the program, the group will form new project teams and set off on their final design challenge. The teams will need to choose a model, design a look, craft the fashion, and prepare to walk it down the runway.

Ready to Wear: Top Designer and Lessons Learned

To conclude this workshop, we will discuss lessons learned and award the “top designer” prize.

By the end of this interactive design challenge, participants should understand more about each other, be able to explain the team-development process, and know how to practice behaviors that encourage collaboration.