Course Outcomes

This etiquette course for new hires will:

  • Prepare recent graduates and others new to an organization for success in a professional workplace.
  • Review the ins and outs of personal branding on the phone, in person, and online.
  • Describe the importance of professional appearance and how looking appropriate for work contributes to or detracts from a solid workplace reputation.
  • Explain workplace politics and tactics for getting along with almost anyone.
  • Cover strategies for managing tasks and controlling time.
  • Review the elements of successful business presentations.
  • Discuss tried and true techniques for managing up.

Course Overview

For those who have landed a first job that may become the initial step in their career development, this program is designed to help “new hires” start out on the right foot. This down-to-earth and fast-paced workshop provides tactics for dealing with office politics, gossip, and difficult personalities; explain the art of developing a professional presence physically, verbally, and behaviorally; offer skills for managing time and prioritizing; demonstrate ways to communicate effectively with a host of people; and much more.

Program Objectives

At the program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define appropriate and inappropriate office behavior.
  • Explain the proper way to meet and greet people in person and on the telephone.
  • Understand the importance of professional dress and personal appearance.
  • Create realistic and usable to-do lists for the purpose of prioritizing and meeting deadlines.
  • Identify and adapt to varying behavioral styles.
  • Describe the components of a successful presentation.
  • Explain ways to preempt or prevent conflict with others at work.
  • Appreciate age and cultural differences among coworkers.
  • Identify ways in which to be supportive of their bosses.

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s).

Workshop Outline

Curtain Up: Making a Professional Entrance

This course begins with a lively and interactive discussion of basic business behavior. While working through a series of questions, case studies, and examples, participants will explore the basics of jumping into the workplace.

Developing a Character: Choosing a Brand

Everyone has a brand, but not everybody actively manages the messages they send or the image they wish to convey in the workplace. This part of the program focuses on personal branding and the value of choosing a workplace reputation target. By this segment’s conclusion, each participant should have articulated a brand and begun to identify the behaviors that would support or erode it.

Dress the Part: Conveying a Professional Image

Even in the most casual of casual workplaces, clothing communicates information about who we are and the work we do. This seminar segment looks at clothing as a tool for enhancing a personal brand. Through a series of exercises, we’ll explore what’s appropriate for different environments and how grooming is essential no matter where you work.

Know Your Lines: What to Say

Words count. And as the old saying goes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. In this workshop component, we will examine how visual, verbal, and vocal communication work together to help others form impressions. During this part of the course, we will also discuss the value of staying positive, using praise, and asking questions in order to build rapport with coworkers, customers, and others.

The Rest of the Cast: Knowing Who They Are and How They Act

Knowing how to adjust and adapt to other people is a big part of surviving and thriving in the workplace. In this course component, we will explore people styles. Using Business Training Works’ signature diagnostic tool, The Communication Jungle, participants will complete a style profile. Next, they will learn about their strengths. Then, we’ll review techniques for adapting to people with different styles.

No Bit Parts: Valuing the Whole Cast

Successful people know the importance of valuing everyone, not just those who can help them get somewhere. In this part of the program, we’ll explore the basics of workplace diversity and tactics for leveraging and taking advantage of the experience and background each person brings to a team.

Tragedy, Melodrama, or Farce?: Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict occurs in all workplaces, but what sets employees apart is how they react to it. In this part of the program, participants will explore the basics of conflict management and skills for resolving disagreements. 

The Pace of the Race: Managing Time and Responsibilities

Most workplaces are doing less with more and moving at a pace people could have only imagined just a few decades ago. This part of the program explores the ins and outs of workplace productivity and time management. We’ll discuss tools for prioritizing, skills for managing up, and what to do when it can’t all be done.

Performing Solo: Giving Successful Presentations

Whether it’s formally or informally, eventually everyone has to make a workplace presentation. This workshop segment looks at best practices for getting a planned message across to others. We’ll discuss the value of analyzing an audience, appearing confident, and preparing for surprises. Each participant will have an opportunity to present information to the class for feedback from the facilitator and their peers.

Waiting in the Wings: On-the-Job Training

At some point, most new hires encounter situations they don’t know how to handle. They, like everyone else, also make mistakes. This final part of the program looks at methods for addressing uncertainty and managing the stress that accompanies adapting to new situations.

At the program’s conclusion, participants should understand the basic communication and time management skills they need to be successful new hires.