Course Highlights

This credible communication skills course will:

  • Define credible communication.
  • Outline steps for creating and reinforcing a personal brand.
  • Provide an assessment to identify strengths.
  • Suggest methods for running effective meetings.
  • Offer techniques for communicating with credibility, both in person and in writing.

Course Overview

Competent communicators know how to communicate with credibility. They are authentic, believable, and specific about the goals they want to achieve. This course explores the look and sound of credibility at work. During the program, participants will explore personal branding and how actions, appearance, and attitudes impact how others view them and how they view themselves. They will also take an assessment to discover their strengths and learn best practices for managing meetings, sending credible emails, and presenting information confidently and authentically.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how credible communication looks and sounds.
  • Describe the process of personal branding and the importance of defining communication targets.
  • Identify and leverage their strengths.
  • Run a meeting and campaign for their ideas.
  • Write credible email.
  • Present with confidence formally and informally.

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s).

Workshop Outline

You Can Talk to Me: Credible Communication

This program begins with a discussion about credibility, first impressions, and how people form opinions of others. During this seminar segment, we will explore such topics as confidence, body language, introductions, and how actions, attitudes, and appearance play into credible communication.

Brand U: Adopting a Personal Brand

A large part of appearing credible is acting with consistency. Yet, many people don’t define their target. This workshop component looks at personal branding and its value in communication. In this part of the course, participants will explore their values, discuss their goals, and define their personal brands and communication targets.

Wonder Women and Super Men: Leveraging Strengths

Few of us are good at everything, and most of us focus on our limitations instead of our strong points. In this portion of the program, participants will complete a strengths assessment. Next, we will consider the results and how to leverage natural gifts for better communication.

Managing Meetings: What Credible Communicators Do

Meetings are part of every organization and the forum where many ideas are heard. This part of the workshop focuses on building credibility in meetings when you’re in charge and when you’re not. During this workshop segment, we will look at credible communicators’ words and actions when listening to others, lobbying for their points of view, and contributing to discussions and decision making.

Eloquent Email: Strengthening Your Image Online

At least for now, email is a part of workplace communication. Credible communicators understand it is a permanent record and that what they write can have a shelf life longer than a Twinkie. This part of the program reviews the ends and outs of well-written emails and the importance of thinking critically before tapping on a keyboard.

Platform Practice: Front and Center

At some point in their careers, most people must present in front of others. This portion of the course looks at confidence from the platform and how to design and deliver an authentic presentation. We will pay special attention to words and actions that communicate self-confidence.

After this program, participants should understand the concept of credibility, have an idea of the image they wish to project, know their workplace strengths, and be able to communicate effectively in meetings, via email, and during basic presentations.