Course Overview

Few projects of any complexity are free of teams. This course focuses on the skills needed to successfully manage the people involved in moving a project from start to finish. During the program, learners will explore team dynamics, team structures, how the project lifecycle influences teams, listening skills and their value to successful project management, team communication skills, and strategies for solving team conflicts.

Program Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Define a team, and identify six common types of teams.
  • Explain Bruce Tuckman’s model of group development.
  • Describe how the project life cycle is relevant to team issues.
  • List the three sources of power for project management team leaders.
  • Employ tactics to manage stakeholder expectations.
  • Implement different types of team-building activities.
  • Demonstrate reflective listening.
  • Identify the challenges of virtual teams and how they relate to a project management team leader’s roles.
  • Compare and contrast voting and consensus as methods for decision making.
  • Better identify and resolve team problems.
  • Explain the characteristics of effective and open team communication.
  • Identify the best practices for using email and telephone among team members.
  • Recognize common team problems and apply methods for resolving these issues.

Target Audience

This course is suited for people who wish to improve their ability to successfully lead a project.



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