Course Overview

Grants are often a key component in a nonprofit organization’s funding plan. This fundamental course introduces the basics of grant writing. The program explores the relationship between grant writing and fundraising strategy, the six stages of grant writing, and best practices for writing grants. Throughout the course, learners will evaluate case studies as they consider each stage of the process.

Program Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of grant writing.
  • Describe how they can integrate capital grants and endowment grants into their fundraising efforts.
  • Explain how grant writing and fundraising work together to improve a nonprofit’s financial stability.
  • Outline the six stages of the grant writing process.
  • Identify and establish a need for funding.
  • Research grantmakers and available grants.
  • Explain how to establish relationships with potential funders.
  • Discuss the importance of alignment between a nonprofit and a funder’s mission.
  • Explain tools and techniques employed in writing the grant proposal.
  • Follow up after winning or losing a grant award.
  • Adhere to best practices for grant writing.

Target Audience

This is designed for anyone wishing to learn more about grants and grant writing.



Estimated Hours to Complete


Pricing and Enrollment Information

$150.00 (US) per seat

Access Time

90 Days