No matter in which of the three counties you’re located, if your organization needs soft skills training, Business Training Works is here to help.

We’re a boutique firm that specializes in onsite training for groups. We have a library of over 200 existing courses and the flexibility to tailor a workshop to meet your goals and objectives.

Change management, empathy, facilitation skills, and leadership are just a few of the topics we offer. 

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a call to learn about you. We’ll ask questions, and we’ll answer them. From there, we can connect you with a facilitator who can develop a plan to train your team.

Our facilitators are seasoned professionals with years of experience in learning and development across a range of industries. They understand adult learners and what makes training stick.

Whether you’re in Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Lewes, Rehoboth, or somewhere else in the First State, we can help.

Click on the links below to see our workshop catalog. Too much to digest? Get in touch.