Leadership Development Programonsite leadership training

Lessons in Leadership is a six-month leadership training program designed to develop an organization's current and future leaders.  Lessons in Leadership is a link to the PDF version of this document.

Leadership Program Components

Assessment - The consultant will administer the KnowlEDGE for Leaders assessment. This assessment measures   pre-program understanding of leadership and provides a baseline of participant knowledge.
Interviews - The consultant will interview a cross section of people in leadership roles to get a picture of the current leadership challenges.
Classroom - The consultant will facilitate six days of classroom training.
Reading Assignments - The consultant will compile and distribute pre- and post-class assignments involving leading best-selling and specially selected leadership titles of both books and CDs.
Conference Calls - The consultant will hold bimonthly conference calls (divided into smaller groups) to discuss development progress and the reading assignments.
Case Studies - Participants will work in class on real-life case studies specific to their business.

Leadership Course Objectives

Assess, measure, and improve the skills of each leader.
Enhance leadership strengths and improve areas of deficiency.
Develop communication, strategic thinking, team building, and employee development skills.
Maximize effectiveness and business abilities of each leader.
Enhance morale and build loyalty through the commitment to development.
Build an increased sense of team spirit with people from cross-functional roles experiencing the program together.

Seminar Topics

Understanding Leadership Versus Management
Setting Expectations and Accountability
Recognizing and Managing Cultural Differences
Enhancing Listening Skills
Developing Coaching Skills
Practicing Presentation Skills
Practicing Strategic Thinking
Managing for Diversity
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Managing Conflict
Managing Change
Creating a Motivational Environment
Exploring Leadership Perspectives and Philosophies
Evaluating Leadership Skills
Managing Behavioral Styles
Developing Counseling Skills
Mentoring for Results
Building Teams

Leadership Knowledge Assessment

KnowlEDGE for Leaders is a statistically validated, scenario-based assessment that is designed to measure what leaders know (and need to know) about effective leadership behavior.

These behaviors directly correlate to eight core leadership competencies, which were identified through research and surveys of over 5,000 managers and employees as being critically important to a leader's success.

KnowlEDGE for Leaders has been proven valid and reliable in identifying leadership strengths and potential training needs.   It is the leading industry tool for highlighting leadership learning opportunities.

Competencies Measured

Coaching and Counseling
Communicating Effectively
Influence and Negotiation
Managing Change
Performance Management
Setting Goals and Standards
Managing Conflict
Problem Solving and Decision Making

Leadership Program Pricing

$3,800 per person with a minimum of 15 people per session.

Note: If an organization chooses concurrent sessions with two or more groups, it can distribute the number of participants as needed. For example, one group may have 19 participants and another 11. Although group two does not meet the minimum number of attendees, the organization fulfills the requirement between the two sessions.