Interactive Keynotes for Conferences and Meetings
Interactive Keynotes for Conferences and Meetings
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We Work with Groups Big and Small
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Interactive Keynote Speakers

Do you need an engaging speaker for your meeting, conference, or another event? Are you interested in affecting change? Do you have a message you want to have reinforced by someone from the outside?

If you answered yes to all or some of those questions, we can help.

Business Training Works’ interactive keynotes are learning solutions designed for larger groups. Whether you want to kick off a new initiative, focus a team, or provide an entertaining learning opportunity for conference attendees, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

The Difference

Our roots are in training and development. Because of that, in addition to providing you with a polished and professional speaker, we think it’s important that person can educate and engage your group. We employ proven classroom techniques throughout our keynotes. You can expect us to be on message, inspirational, and focused on delivering results.

Keynote Speaking Topics

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Employee Accountability
  • Employee Engagement
  • Focus and Productivity
  • Choosing Excellence
  • Creating a Service-Focused Culture
  • Motivation
  • Optimism
  • Surviving and Thriving During Change
  • Successful Selling

Sample Keynotes

Our speakers can design and deliver a range of keynotes. The following are examples of some of the programs we’ve delivered in the past. Please contact us to discuss your group and your goals. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

Living with MOmentum, MOtivation, and MOxie: Lessons from Everyday Heroes

This interactive keynote looks at the characteristics and behaviors ordinary people who do extraordinary things share in common. It challenges audiences to examine their day-to-day activities and identify the actions they can take to go from ordinary to extraordinary. This keynote is ideally suited for people in service, sales, and other fields where small deliberate actions and changes can make a difference.

Networking Know-How: Seven Steps to Building Successful Online and Offline Relationships

This hands-on keynote offers tips and tools for building successful relationships in the real and virtual worlds. During this interactive session, participants will take an inventory of what they know, who they know, and where they want to go professionally and personally. They will leave the experience with a plan in place and ideas for growing their online and offline relationships.

The Engagement Advantage: What Great Managers Do That Others Don’t

It’s common knowledge that an engaged workforce accomplishes more than one composed of people who simply go through the motions each day. So how do you move a company, division, or team from “meh” to motivated? This interactive keynote explains what great managers do to encourage engagement and drive their teams to succeed. While this keynote targets managers, supervisors, and others currently in leadership roles, it is also suitable for those who will assume a position of authority in the future.

Jumpstart Your Motivation: Ten Jolts for Getting Motivated and Staying That Way

Based on the book with the same title, Jumpstart Your Motivation: Ten Jolts for Getting Motivated and Staying That Way offers ten ideas for focusing on what’s important and making those things happen. The program is an enjoyable one-hour kick in the pants designed to inspire people to choose to make the most of what they have. It is a versatile keynote that works well with homogeneous and heterogeneous groups.

All Service Is Deliberate: Are You Making Good Choices?

Whether it’s gruesome or great, customer service is the product of a series of choices. World-class providers understand their role in the decision-making process and work methodically to define and refine their purpose. They’re also intentional about their hiring, training, and management. From senior leaders to frontline staff members, this interactive keynote targets anyone who engaged in their organization’s customer service function.


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