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Comprehensive Sales Training

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The Ultimate Sale Pro: Three Days to Stronger Selling

Course Outcomes

This comprehensive sales training program will:

  • Quickly provide participants with the skills needed to grow their sales.
  • Introduce proven tactics for discovering needs.
  • Provide language for stressing benefits not features.
  • Give participants an understanding of body language that builds relationships.
  • Prepare those attending to give formal and informal sales presentations.
  • Suggest tips for quickly crafting sales proposals.
  • Outline processes for following up with clients and maintaining relationships.

Available Format

  • Three-Day Course

Course Overview

Does it seem as if the rules of selling and sales are constantly changing? Is it getting more difficult for your team to win new clients while keeping old ones? Is your old model broken? If members of your group are new, in a "funk," or simply wants to improve their skills, The Ultimate Sale Pro: Three Days to Stronger Selling can help them to achieve sales goals.

Program Objectives

At the program's conclusion participants should be able to:

  • Explain the value of thorough and complete preparation as part of the sales process.
  • Demonstrate how to properly research information for the initial meeting.
  • Develop specific articulation and distinction statements for the product, the company, and the representative.
  • Identify the key elements which leads to an effective initial meeting and what they should never do during that meeting,
  • Explain how to ask and understand dialogue-generating questions.
  • Apply the 80/20 formula for effective discussions.
  • Describe the keys to giving effective presentations to individuals and groups.
  • Handle objections without manipulating and using outdated, old-school tactics.
  • Create proposals that get results.
  • Employ a variety follow-up mechanisms.
  • Describe the key elements of effective customer service after the sale.

The following outline highlights some of the courses key learning points. As part of your training program we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request we will provide you with a copy of participant materials prior to your training session.

Workshop Outline

So Tell Me What You Want: Defining Expectations
In this introductory section of The Ultimate Sale Pro: Three Days to Stronger Selling, participants will define the role of a professional salesperson, talk about the importance of needs analysis, and specify what they want to get from the program.
Let Me Do a Little Research: Understanding what Preparation Really Means
This component of the program explores the importance of preparation and how to do an in-depth competitive analysis before calling on a prospect. Participants will discuss the type of information they should seek, where to find it, and how to use it.
How I Can Help You: Articulating Benefits and Features
This course segment looks at what distinguishes products and services from the competition and how to position those differences. Participants will also discuss ways to present themselves and their coworkers to best meet the needs of clients and customers.
It's My Pleasure to Meet You: Making an Initial Contact
In this part of this three-day sales training course, we will explore all of the elements relating to first contact with a new client, and the essential components that need to be in place in order for a first meeting to be successful.
I Would Be Happy to Tell You About That: Creating Passionate Presentations
This unit of the training program looks at the dos and don'ts of presenting effectively to individuals as well as groups. During this segment course participants will practice preparing for and delivering a sales presentation based on what they currently sell.
I Understand What You Are Telling Me: Handling Objections
Manipulation is not an effective tool and not something an ultimate sales pro would consider. Instead, the skilled salesperson must prepare, practice, and put the buyer at ease. This part of the course explores all aspects of handling objections and responding to client and customer concerns.
I Will Do What Works for You: Understanding Communication Styles
Some people like to be called often, while others prefer only an occasional email. Some clients like a lot of detail. Others are more interested in the big picture. During this unit we will look at a variety of different styles, what motivates people of different styles, the styles of the participants, and how to adapt to clients, customers, and prospects.
Let Me Put This in Writing: Crafting Proposals
Proposal writing is part art and part science. This portion of the course examines the key elements of creating a proposal that answers a prospect's needs.
We've Got a Deal: Closing the Sale
This element of the program reviews all of the steps professional salespeople should take when completing a sale. From confirmation documents to follow-up correspondence, during this segment of the training course participants will understand the steps they can take to get an agreement in writing as easily as possible.
It Has Only Just Begun: Building the Service Relationship
This segment of the program covers all of the tools tips and tactics to create an amazing customer service follow-up process for getting and keeping clients.

At the end of this comprehensive, three-day professional selling / professional sales training course, participants should have the knowledge and the tools to jumpstart their sales back on the job.

The Ultimate Sale Pro: Three Days to Stronger Selling can be taught in both consecutive and nonconsecutive day formats.

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