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Virtual Classroom Training Pricing Schedule Notes

  • Virtual classroom courses are facilitator-led programs delivered via Adobe Connect, Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and other virtual platforms.
  • We price our web-based training courses by the segment.
  • A segment runs between 90 minutes and 2 hours.
  • While most of our virtual classroom courses consist of one segment, some include as many as six. Please reference specific course outlines to determine a program’s length.
  • All virtual classroom programs must be paid for in advance of delivery.

Virtual Classroom Training Fees

Number of Participants Virtual Training Segment
Up to 6 $1,500
Up to 12 $1,700
Up to 18 $1,900
Up to 24 $2,100
>24 Please contact us.


Answers to Questions About Virtual Classroom Training

How long are your virtual training sessions?

Virtual session segments run between 90 minutes and 2 hours. While most courses are single-segment offerings, a few of our programs comprise multiple segments.

What are the technology requirements?

For optimal results, each participant needs a computer with a 
high-speed internet connection and speakers. Ideally, those computers will also have a microphone and webcam. For groups located in the same office, we find the experience works best when people are in the same room, have individual laptops, and are on camera together.

I do not have a group. May I join a scheduled session?

As with our onsite training programs, we do not ask our 
clients to open their sessions to people from other organizations.

Am I able to download a recording to use in the future?

We will provide you with 30-day access to a recording of your 
program. Please note, due to the interactive nature of our sessions, a recording is not interchangeable with live training.


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