Business Training Works Service Fees


  • Our prices vary depending on the complexity of a project or the time required to prepare and deliver a program.
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  • For basic onsite training programs and instructor-led virtual sessions, you can determine the price of a course by referencing the charts in this guide.
  • We set executive coaching fees based on the length and format of the engagement. You will find baseline pricing for live and virtual coaching under the section in this guide labeled “Executive Coaching Fees.”
  • We price keynotes and meeting facilitation by the event, and consulting projects by project stage.
  • Transparency is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We will always tell you how we calculate what we charge.

Onsite Training Pricing Schedule Notes

  • Onsite training is training delivered to a private group at their location.
  • Courses are priced per group, not per person.
  • Fees charged for onsite training do not include facilities or catering services.
  • All prices are quoted in United States dollars.
  • Prices quoted on the chart are for training delivered in the continental United States.
  • For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the cost is the daily rate plus $1,500. For all other locations, please contact us.

From time to time, our fees include the facilitator’s travel. Please contact us about your locations. Where travel is not included, please plan on a travel allowance of approximately $750* for programs lasting up to one day. For longer programs, add an additional $250 per day.

Onsite Training Fees

People  Half-Day SessionFull-Day SessionOne-and-a-Half-Day SessionTwo-Day Session
Up to 6$3,500$4,500$7,200$8,100
Up to 12$3,900$4,900$7,900$8,800
Up to 18*$4,300$5,300 $8,600$9,500
Up to 24*$4,700$5,700 $9,300$10,200 
Up to 30* **$5,100$6,100 $10,000 $10,900 
Up to 36* **$5,500$6,500 $10,700 $11,600 

* We limit most presentation skills workshops to 12 or fewer participants.

** We limit most writing programs to 24 or fewer participants.


Answers to Questions About Onsite Training


How long are your onsite sessions?

Our half-day programs run three hours (e.g. 9 am – 12 pm) and our full-day courses seven (e.g. 9 am – 4 pm). We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program.

Our workday is 8 am – 5 pm. Can you extend your session to fill that time?

Only in the rarest of circumstances will we accommodate this request. Experience has taught us that longer days do not equal more effective training sessions.

What is the maximum number of participants I can put in each class?

Over the years, we have learned what size group works best for each of the courses we offer. If you have a large group, please call us so we can learn more about your needs.

On a case-by-case basis, we will work with groups larger than those for which we have listed prices.

I want to train one group in the morning and another in the afternoon on the same topic. Do I pay for two half-day sessions?

No. We charge you the full-day rate for the total number of people in attendance.

I’m interested in one of your two-day programs. However, my group can only devote a half day to training. What can you do for us?

A microwaved cake doesn’t taste the same as one that has spent 
time in a traditional oven. Along those same lines, forcing a two-day course into a half-day time slot reduces the likelihood that the program will work as designed.

That said, please contact us to discuss your objectives and timeline. We may be able to modify a course to accommodate you.

What do you provide, and what are our responsibilities?

Depending on the program, we will either ship handouts or send you a short PDF to you to duplicate for your group.

To run interactive sessions, we prefer seating configurations that allow for team interaction and problem solving.

We also ask that you provide us with flipchart paper, easels, and markers. Your facilitator will work with you to confirm the specifics of your session.

Do you sell products in class?

We are happy to recommend a resource if asked, 
but we never sell products during classroom time.

May I speak with the facilitator before the session?

A big part of this business is fit. We strongly encourage 
you to speak with your facilitator before your session.

I found a course I like, but I only have one person I need to train. Do you offer public programs?

We specialize in onsite training for groups and do not offer public courses.

May I join another organization’s group?

You are welcome to form your own group comprising members from different organizations. However, we do not make this request of our clients.


I’ve reviewed your outlines, and I want certain elements from a few of them. Can you create something for me?

Your facilitator will work with you to determine your course agenda.

I want something you don’t offer. Can you create a program for me?

Please contact us about custom course crafting.

We refer to our customers as “guests” and our employees as “associates.” Will you change your materials to reflect our preferred vocabulary?

We can accommodate this type of request for an additional fee.


Where do you get your training materials?

We design the bulk of our courses from the ground up. Occasionally, we will use external resources to supplement our offerings.

I am a consultant, and I would like to purchase your materials to use with my own programs. Do you sell your content?

We do not sell our content to other training providers.

Do you offer a train-the-trainer model to corporate clients?

On a case-by-case basis, we offer a train-the-trainer model. For example, a hospital wants to improve its customer service and hires us to develop a solution. As part of that process, we deliver the initial sessions and then turn the delivery over to the organization’s internal trainers.


Will you work with me on pricing?

As with any professional service firm, we do not run specials or discount our services.

For less expensive options, consider our online training courses or virtual-classroom programs.

Another company offered to do the same kind of work for half of what you charge. Why is this?

We can’t comment on why others charge less or charge more. We can tell you our facilitators are highly experienced and command fees beyond those paid to beginners.

Do you offer a discount if we purchase several courses from you?

Yes. If you schedule and pay for multiple courses in advance, we offer a 5% discount.

We are a federal or state government organization. Do you have a GSA schedule?

We are a registered vendor with the System for Award Management (SAM), but we no longer maintain GSA schedule. We offer our government clients competitive rates and are happy to reply to your RFQ, RFP or market research inquiry.

We are an existing client, and your prices have gone up. Will your honor the rate quoted to us last year?

Usually. Our goal is to maintain relationships with our clients. Please contact us.


Once you’ve delivered a program for our organization, do we have the right to continue using your content to deliver our own training sessions?

No. The fees shown on the pricing chart are for course delivery. 
They do not cover content ownership. Without prior permission, it is not okay to hire us for the purpose of copying our work. Please ask about our train-the-trainer models.

Virtual Classroom Training Pricing Schedule Notes

  • Virtual classroom courses are facilitator-led programs delivered via Adobe Connect.
  • We price our web-based training courses by the segment.
  • A segment runs between 90 minutes and two hours.
  • While most of our virtual classroom courses consist of one segment, some include as many as six. Please reference specific course outlines to determine a program’s length.
  • All virtual classroom programs must be paid for in advance of delivery.

Virtual Classroom Training Fees

Number of ParticipantsVirtual Training Segment
Up to 6$1,500
Up to 12$1,625
Up to 18*$1,750
Up to 24*$1,875

Answers to Questions About Virtual Classroom Training

How long are your virtual training sessions?

Virtual session segments run between 90 minutes and two hours. While most courses are single-segment offerings, a few of our programs comprise multiple segments.

What are the technology requirements?

For optimal results, each participant needs a computer with a 
high-speed internet connection and speakers. Ideally, those computers will also have a microphone and webcam. For groups located in the same office, we find the experience works best when people are in the same room, have individual laptops, and are on camera together.

I do not have a group. May I join a scheduled session?

As with our onsite training programs, we do not ask our 
clients to open their sessions to people from other organizations.

Am I able to download a recording to use in the future?

We will provide you with 30-day access to a recording of your 
program. Please note, due to the interactive nature of our sessions, a recording is not interchangeable with live training.

Online Courses

For learners seeking a self-paced solution, we offer several training programs online. They range in price from $50 to $250. To determine the cost of a particular course, please refer to the course’s page on our website.

Volume Discount Table

 Number of LearnersDiscount from List Price

Answers to Questions About Online Training

I have multiple people who want to take the same course. Are they able to share a registration?

Online courses are priced per seat. Each participant should have his or her own seat in an online course.

How long do I have to take a course after I pay for it?

Most of our courses have a 30-day access period. If you need 
additional time, you can purchase an extension. Please reference our individual course registration page to confirm the access period for the program in which you are interested.

Will I receive a certificate?

After successfully completing a course a
ssessment and earning a passing score, you can download a certificate.

Executive Coaching

We conduct our coaching programs either virtually or in a combined format of in-person and virtual meetings. Pricing depends on the format you choose and the length of the program.


Basic Executive Coaching Fees

LengthVirtual CoachingIn-Person and Virtual Coaching
Three Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls)$3,200$4,800
Six Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls)$4,500$ 6,000
Twelve Months (Scheduled Monthly Calls)$8,500$10,000 
Twelve Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls)$8,500$10,000
Twenty-Six Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls)$15,000$16,500
Fifty-Two Weeks (Scheduled Weekly Calls)$24,000$25,500


Executive retreats, strategic-planning meetings, and gatherings to address workplace change often require a skilled facilitator to craft a framework and guide discussions. We provide this service at a rate of $5,000 per day.

Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, we can pair you with someone who will engage, entertain, and educate your group. Keynote presentations range from 45 minutes to an hour. We provide keynote speakers at a rate of $7,500 per event.


Sometimes clients have needs not addressed by training, coaching, facilitation, or keynote speaking. For those clients, we offer a broad range of consulting services. Fees for consulting depend entirely on the complexity of the project and are handled on a case-by-case basis.