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Assessment Center
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Surveys . Instruments . Questionnaires
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Training Assessment Center

Assessments . Instruments . Surveys

We use a range of profiles and assessments in our practice. These instruments provide us and our clients with benefits and insights before, during, and after an engagement.

Benefits of Our Assessments

  • Measure existing knowledge.
  • Help us shape learning goals and objectives.
  • Identify strengths, opportunities, and concerns.
  • Determine preferences.
  • Engage participants before the start of a course or workshop.
  • Gather input during a session.
  • Evaluate learning experiences and performance.

Assessment Library

We offer a range of paid and free assessments to our clients and site visitors.

Management Styles Assessment (free) Are you a nurturer, team builder, taskmaster, or something else? This assessment will give you some insights into your preferred approach to managing people. 

Job Needs Assessment (free) This assessment gives people completing the instrument a sense of which of Maslow’s needs is most important in their current position. Managers can use this assessment to understand their direct reports. Individuals may also gain some insights about their needs and job satisfaction by completing the assessment on their own.


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