Laurie McIntosh, Trainer, Workshop Leader, SpeakerLaurie McIntosh has worn several “hats” in her professional life, and the trend continues in her work as facilitator, writer, and editor for Business Training Works, Inc.

With over 25,000 platform hours under her belt, she is no stranger to the problems people face when communicating with customers and colleagues. More importantly, she approaches the subject of communication armed with an arsenal of practical tools participants can use to improve their skills immediately.

When teaching a writing course, her clear review of the basics provides comfort and new-found confidence to even the most reluctant participant. And for those already at ease with writing but looking for the extra edge, Laurie can help. She knows not only how to write correctly but can explain the reasons behind even the most unusual rules of English usage.

While wearing her healthcare hat, Laurie is able to communicate the standards of exceptional customer service, the importance of empathy, and techniques for improving an organization’s bottom line. Her clear presentation of information, abundant hands-on exercises, and immediate feedback make concepts easy for participants to grasp and then apply.

Laurie earned a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and an MA in English from the College of William and Mary. Her work at the university level includes writing instruction for students of Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of San Francisco, and the University of South Carolina.

In addition to teaching others, Laurie has worked in editing and proofreading as an assistant editor of the Medical College of Virginia Quarterly, editor for physicians in the Department of Medical Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University, and proofreader of Dictionary of Literary Biography published by Bruccoli, Clark, Layman, Inc. (Columbia, SC).

Her healthcare experience includes work as a psychiatric practice manager, health clinic receptionist, medical data collector, and community orientation coordinator for new interns and residents.

She has been quoted in MSN EncartaBroker Magazine, and CRMAdvocate. She is the co-author of A Mixed Bunch: 21 Cases for Diversity Training.