Elizabeth GeorgeElizabeth George is an effective and results-oriented facilitator, consultant, speaker, and coach.

Her wide breadth of experience and systematic approach to people and relationship development make her a favorite of many clients who describe her work as transformative.

From her days as a member of the US International Shooting Team to her stint as a bed and breakfast proprietor and extensive work as a university professor, Elizabeth is able to quickly build rapport with almost anyone.

She has a breadth of experience in human resource development, team engagement, customer experience, process consulting, and change initiatives.

She believes that all people are capable of succeeding and that “success is a formula.”


Elizabeth has worked with a range of organizations, among them: Mercedes-Benz Canada, BMW North America, Mazda, Cadillac, Finning Caterpillar, OEM Remanufacturing, Chatters, multiple city and county municipalities, Visual-Eyes Software, Toyota, Rai-Lynn Trucking, Travel-Alberta, and The University of Alabama.

Professional Background

Elizabeth’s critical thinking skills began in her grandfather’s forensic crime lab where she learned the importance of creating systems that could produce replicable results. That experience served her well when she interned at Honeywell, St. Petersburg FL. There, she assisted with testing the Fortran program of an endoatmospheric non-nuclear kill simulation. That project taught her the value of future discoveries and innovation.

Already armed with practical work experience from running a camera for a local ABC channel’s 6 and 10 o’clock news, upon graduating from college, Elizabeth took a position as a counselor with the Small Business Development Administration at a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Alabama. In her role there, she advised clients on start-up planning, growth and acquisition, marketing strategy, and finance.

During her time with the SBDC, she continued her education and earned a graduate degree in human resource management from the University of Alabama.

While raising twins and still at work, Elizabeth opened the doors of her family heritage home and welcomed guests to her bed and breakfast. Her love of hospitality and southern charm earned her features in The New York Times and Southern Living magazine.

Eventually, Elizabeth assumed the role of business incubator director for the Bessemer Business Center. While there, she worked to help clients define success and plan actionable paths toward reaching their goals.

After meeting her husband and future collaborator, Elizabeth packed her bags and moved to Canada. There, she worked for several years as an associate professor of business for Canadian University College and as an instructor at Red Deer College.

Six years later, she coauthored The Compatibility Code, An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Dating and Marriage.  That book leveraged what she’d learned about relationship success and helping clients make value-based decisions.

Elizabeth joined the Business Training Works team in 2016.

Education and Certifications

Elizabeth holds a master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Alabama and a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a marketing major from East Tennessee State University. She earned her Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2018 and qualified as a Certified Virtual Presenter in 2020.


  • Top 40 Business Executive Under the Age of 40
  • World Champion Team Crossbow
  • Five-time NCAA All-American, U.S. International Shooting Team
  • 1984 Olympic alternate
  • Distinguished International Shooter Badge, instituted by the U.S. government as its highest award for civilian marksmanship excellence

An Interview with Elizabeth

What three or four words describe your facilitation style?

Synthesizing, connected, deliberate, and outcome focused.

You started your college career at Auburn University but graduated from East Tennessee. How did that happen?

The short version of the story is I earned an athletic scholarship on the ETSU NCAA competitive rifle team.

How has your experience with shooting influenced your professional work?

It taught me about discipline, identifying patterns, and replicating those behaviors that lead to a desired target or goal.

You are exceptional at customizing learning experiences for groups and individuals. How do you do it?

I’m deliberate. Initially, I work to learn what’s important to a client before a session, and then I do discovery in real time to determine roadblocks, bugs, and other challenges. My objective is to make whatever subject matter I’m presenting relevant and meaningful to the participants attending a workshop. It’s important to me that people leave with actionable steps that will actually make a difference in their work and even their personal lives.

You’re known for having people on their feet. Why is movement an essential element in your workshops even in a virtual environment?

Movement generates energy and self-awareness. It also has a tendency to generate laughter and fun. Who wouldn’t want to learn that way?

What topics do you most enjoy facilitating?

I like topics that produce outcomes: leadership skills, communication, awareness, development, and so forth. While I’ve been told I’m entertaining, my primary job is to position people to deliver results.

What is the number one challenge you most often see with the various clients for whom you work?

Producing consistency. People are usually able to deliver desired results, but they often don’t know how to do it repeatedly. I do a lot of work with discipline, boundaries, and goals. I’m focused on being intentional about “how” and then putting the mental processes and behavioral processes in place that make that “how” happen again and again.

Tell me about the clients you most enjoy.

I like working with people who want to do their work better – those who are intentional about improvement. They’re not just checking a box. They are in pursuit of some kind of goal or target and are open to change. I like to take a holistic approach. For example, if it’s a customer engagement project, I want to talk to people who are face-to-face with customers and the people who never see a customer.

You do a lot of work with luxury brands. What about working with them is different?

I have a genuine love of hospitality. Luxury brands typically place an emphasis on the long-term relationship, gentility, and quality. It’s exciting to partner with people who are concerned with matters beyond transactions.

You have a real passion for continuous learning. Where does that come from?

Probably my childhood. My father was a computer architect and specialized in ballistic missile defense. My grandfather was a toxicologist and criminologist. I think curiosity and critical thinking are just part of my DNA.

When you’re not working, what are your interests?

I play the French horn in an orchestra, I’m an active Rotarian, and I have an avid interest in camping, canoeing, and photography. Finally, I love learning new techie gadgets.