Thank you for your interest in working with Business Training Works. Over the years, we’ve learned that the people who are the best fit for our business are recommended to us by our existing facilitator base. For that reason, a personal recommendation is a critical requirement.

Credentials and Requirement

Our facilitators have all or most of the following credentials:

  • A recommendation from one of our existing facilitators
  • 15-30+ years of training and consulting experience
  • Academic degrees in their chosen fields
  • Books and articles published by mainstream media outlets
  • International work experience
  • Active consulting practices
  • Solid references from Fortune 500 companies

How to Submit Your Service for Consideration

If you feel that you may be a good fit, please send us:

  • A recommendation from one of our current facilitators
  • Contact information and names of five to ten clients for whom you have provided training and facilitation services
  • A DVD or link to video demonstrating your platform skills
  • A bibliography of any published materials you have authored
  • A list of any foreign languages in which you are fluent enough to facilitate
  • A list of any soft-skills courses you could teach that differ from those we now offer

If we believe there is an opportunity for us to work together, we will then set up between two and three calls for you to speak with our existing facilitators. The purpose of the calls is for us to learn more about you and for you to learn more about us. If we both agree we’d like to partner, we will contact you when an appropriate opportunity arises.

Frequency of Opportunities

Some of our facilitators work several times a month for us. Others work only once or twice a year. The factors that influence frequency are:

  • A facilitator’s breadth of knowledge (The more you know, the more places we can use you.)
  • A facilitator’s popularity among our clients (The facilitators who regularly work with us usually do so at the request of our clients. For example, we have had some request the same facilitator for up to 50 sessions.)
  • A facilitator’s ability to be flexible and low maintenance (Calling us about what kind of work we have for you will not help you to get more work. Spend your energy marketing your services to your direct clients. If we have something that might be a good fit, we will let you know. Our job is to help our clients meet their needs, not to market your services to our clients.)