Business Training Works

Whether it’s a one-day communication skill course, a management training workshop, a six-month leadership program, or a long-term culture change project, we welcome the opportunity to help you develop your people and increase employee engagement. Since 2000, Business Training Works has partnered with large public corporations, hospitals, governments, nonprofits, and private industry on a wide range of training projects and talent development initiatives.

We specialize in instructor-led soft-skills training: business etiquette, customer service, management and leadership, business writing, communication, presentation skills, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, time management and productivity, facilitation, train the trainer, diversity, change management, and various human resources topics.

Our site is packed with information about what we do and how we do it, and we’re excited to share our passion for learning. We strive to be transparent and comprehensive, so if you have a question our site doesn’t answer, let us know. We can schedule a call to talk about your specific needs.

This page offers a high-level overview of our services. Enjoy browsing, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Onsite Training

There’s a lot of lecture-based training in the world of corporate education. It’s dry, it’s dreaded, and thankfully, it’s not us! Our onsite training courses are about fun with a purpose. We love what we do, and we think it shows. We pride ourselves on our innovative activities and ability to put participants where they should be during a workshop – in the front, at the center, and in charge of their learning.

Some of our courses cover workplace essentials and are designed for everyone. Others target a narrow audience.

In our catalog, you’ll see most of the typical soft-skills topics you would expect to find, and you’ll also discover some workshops unique to us. We developed some of our one-of-a-kind offerings in response to client requests and others based on needs we’ve observed while working with a broad range of organizations. 

No matter the topic you choose, we will deliver it in an engaging way. For a full list of onsite workshops and more information about how our onsite training works, take a look at our web-based onsite training courses catalog.

Pressed for time? Click on the course links below to go directly to the program overviews.

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual classroom training is a great solution for dispersed groups and others for whom onsite workshops are not a viable option. Like our in-person programs, our virtual classroom courses are facilitated live by an instructor, and they are interactive and participant focused.

Each year, we create several new courses in the virtual classroom format. We know from experience that some topics are better suited for web-based delivery than others. For that reason, you won’t find every topic we offer as part of an onsite program in our virtual classroom courses catalog.

As technology continues to evolve, we’ll keep innovating and trying new approaches. Check back often to see our latest offerings. To see a full list what’s available now, go to our virtual classroom courses overview page. In a hurry? Explore the directories below.

Self-Paced Online Training 

To meet the needs of individual learners and groups seeking online courses, we have two self-paced training options: Business Training Works’ short courses and partner programs. Our short courses cover essential skills and take about 90 minutes to complete. Our partner programs vary in length and take between three hours to 30+ hours to complete depending on the topic chosen.

Many of our online courses address topics found in our onsite catalog. Others are unique to the online format. For a full list of available programs, take a look at our online training courses catalog. To explore available programs by topic, use the directory links below.

Interactive Keynotes, Motivational Speaking, and Conference Breakout Sessions

Large meetings have many moving parts, and we can help with a lot of them. We can deliver an interactive keynote to kick off a meeting, energize a group with a 45-minute to one-hour motivational program or subject-specific speech, or deliver a series of information-packed breakout sessions.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

A good facilitator can help a team get the most from its time together during a meeting or at a retreat. Our skilled team can help your group define its mission, vision, values, and standards of behavior, surface issues, identify roadblocks, plan for change and transition, or set a strategic direction. We can work with your existing agenda or help you to identify desired outcomes and craft a plan based on those goals. During our time together, you can expect guided discussions, planned interactions, and a variety of activities designed to encourage contributions from all who attend.

We can work with your existing agenda or help you to identify desired outcomes and craft a plan based on those goals. During our time together, you can expect guided discussions, planned interactions, and a variety of activities designed to encourage contributions from all who attend.

Creative Team-Building Challenges

Whether you’re trying to encourage collaboration, develop trust, enhance problem-solving skills, or some combination of all three, our interactive team-building challenges are a fun way to get down to the serious business of improving group dynamics and productivity. From building puppets to crafting fashion from trash, our activities are engaging, and they provide a creative forum for significant discussions.

We fully recognize that some challenges are better suited to some groups than others, and a client may be a little hesitant to jump into some of the “out-there” activities head first. Rest assured, we will work with you to strike a balance and choose a program your participants will see as low risk in relation to its return.

To see our existing challenges, explore the titles below.

Intensive Boot Camps 

Sometimes a calendar is tight and a group must get up to speed as quickly as possible. For that reason, we offer several of our programs in a boot-camp format. These courses are intense five-day experiential programs. They can be conducted at your location or at off-site facility arranged by you or us. Each boot camp is unique to the group that participates. In addition to the information addressed in the course, we’ve incorporated team-building activities, cultural site visits, and professional counterpart visits for various teams who have participated in these programs.

Employee Engagement and Culture Change Consulting

When a large number of employees are disengaged or actively working against an organization’s goals and objectives, results suffer. If you’re in a culture crisis, noticing a dip in enthusiasm and ownership, or simply wanting to put processes in place to measure engagement and actively manage culture, we can help.

From surveys and focus groups to one-on-one interviews, our team can provide you with a snapshot of your present conditions. Once we understand where you are, we can begin to help you chart a course for the future and develop a plan to enable and equip employees with the tools they need to do their work, ensure leaders understand their role in the engagement process, put processes in place to recruit for, reward, and recognize desired outcomes. 

Executive Development and Individual Coaching

For people seeking intensive one-on-one development, individual coaching is a viable option. We offer several options: executive coaching, coaching for emerging leaders, presentation skills development, and business writing instruction.

Coaching is fully customized for each participant and includes an assessment, goal-setting session, and development plan. 

Training Program Makeovers and Rehabs

Sometimes a training program doesn’t come together as it should.  Other times and with the passing years, even a great training program can get old and tired. Whether the activities are passé or the content out of step, we can help. Participant-focused activity design is one of our core strengths. Our training transformation services can breathe new life into your old course or help you convert your lecture-based material into an interactive workshop. 


Assessments can accomplish establish a baseline, identify opportunities, and support continuous improvement. We offer a range of assessments for use in onsite training, group distance learning, and one-on-one coaching.